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Pongoshaggys DVD collection

Following on from the best war movies thread for shaggy, seeing as he's got a big fcuk off telly now and I just know I'm going to end up shitefaced on the sofa one night watching DVD's I thought I'd widen the viewing choice.

So three choices, they are:

Fun film:....I'd go for "Men in Black"
Corker: to be "Shawshank redemption"
Chick flick, (that men might enjoy):......"Love actually"

I included the chick flick option because shaggy has been known to *cough* entertain. :dwarf:
Fun film: The Fog
Corker: Andrey Rublyov
Chick flick, (that men might enjoy):......Chicken Run ;) Well you did say chickens! Well perhaps the BBC's Pride and Prejudice.... Mr Darcy.... Mmmmmmmmmm
Fun film:.... the first Shrek, or Toy Story or Monsters Inc
Corker: .....Atonement
Chick flick, (that men might enjoy):...... Casino Royal. Daniel Craig in those budgie smugglers oo er!


Book Reviewer
Fun Film: Dodgeball
Corker: Sixth Sense or Lord of the Rings (I-III)
Chick Flick :Awakenings

When I finish saving my pennies - and it will be many many moons - I have a mahoosive basement to convert and in it shall be my cinema. Projector, decent 7.1 sound system and I shall watch Band of Brothers with the sound RIGHT UP, from start to finish, thereafter the kids can use it.....


Lantern Swinger
fun film -blues bros "on a mission from god"
corker - borne ultimatuim (all 3 )
chick flick - notting hill

wet blobby your more than welcome down ,im on 6 weeks POTL leave your have to excuse the smell of paint im going through my pad with magnolia


Lantern Swinger
Fun film : mr and mrs smith

Corker : 300

chick flick : good luck chuck (jessica alba wow) :hump:
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