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Pongos to the rescue..........

I cant watch youtube vids in work mate, but its been sent to the home email address for viewing tonight with a few beers!! :thumright:


lol, that is good.
The first guy in made me laugh. 'Covering' the others, while he just sat there stuck.

but the comments on youtube are always so irritating.


War Hero
Hopefully, the next time the Paras, RGJ or the 3rd Foot and Mouth come up with a plan that they could do Royals job better, faster cheaper, a switched on RM Ossifer will include this in a PowerPoint rebuttal of why 343 years of experience counts for summat!
Good one Blobbs.


Lantern Swinger
yeah should out later,up the club saturday night,bad news im back to work next week ,been up graded to p7, still not running yet, back to headly court in january


War Hero
pongoshaggy said:
...been up graded to p7, still not running yet, back to headly court in january

Jeez, congratulations Lazarus!

Upgrading to P7 from P8 calls for a mention from that 'Benedict' fella in the Vatican.

OK, I accept, it could've just been upgraded from P7RD or thereabouts, in which case: "Cancel Pope Wotsit on line two...."
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