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The N.O.W has published pics of soldiers beating up Iraq teenagers,surely that should not have been released.They are probably pissed off with being there and tempers are short.
I don't agree clanky, over on Arrse they (we) often discuss Navy issues and I would hope that in time and as membership builds that all issues are discussed here at rumration. This alleged (and well documented) incident will no doubt have an impact on all forces deploying to Iraq, including RN/RM.
Apologies CJ. I would still commend to you the informative threads on this subject over at Arrse
Bloody awful rag ... yet again this paper has sentionalised an alledged abuse for the sake of increasing its reader numbers and putting at risk the lives of the british soldiers serving in Iraq. I am sick and tired of seeing our troops pilloried by the Press...

PS. My question is how did the paper pay for the footage?
There is something fishy about this video (like Baldrick's apple crumble)

It has clearly been edited

Previous events, which would have added context, are not on the video released by NOTW (I wonder why?)

The commentary does not seem to be contemporary and sounds strange
I think that if you removed the commentary then the video wouldn't seem half as bad. That might seem like a bone comment but lets face it, most other forces would have just shot them whilst rioting instead of trying to deter them from doing it again.

Initial feedback from some of the locals suggest that they feel the same. (As seen and heard on BBC/ITV/Al Jaz)

It isn't going to be hard to track these guys down and I wouldn't be surprised if they have all held their hands up as I type but I would really like to know the whole story ie: how long had these lads been rioting? what weapons had they used? Were any soldiers attacked? Hopefully it will all come out in the wash.

Frankly, to be very un-PC, we could do with employing some of these tactics around some of our own towns and cities.
PragmaticJen - it's simple. The seller uses a non-related third party as an intermediary for the payment. The trail then stops at the third party (or even more, depending on how nervous the seller is of being picked up). Simple bank transfers are not the way ahead for the secret-selling member of HM Armed Forces!

Not good, and the NOTW needs a rocket up it's arse for "not wanting to hide the truth". When the Sun editor got caught out slapping her husband (Ross Kemp), ARSSE went on the warpath, and the Sun simply ignored the backlash. The Services are an easy target, and before much longer I suspect we will get our fair share of journos coming on here touting for stories and information.

This situation has now taken a serious turn . I have been informed via an official source that an arrest has been made, with more to follow.

Therefore , in keeping with policy that pending or in session deep investigations or court-martials are not to be commented on here , I am closing this thread pending the outcome.


Not open for further replies.

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