Pongo`s discussing septics on arrse,quite funny

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by NorwayChris, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. Re: Ferkin yanks

    Australopithecus anamensis.
  2. Re: Ferkin yanks

    That sounds quite sexual Bergan old chap :D
  3. Re: Ferkin yanks

    Its the quality of women we pull on a run nowerdays mate. :oops: :cry:
  4. Re: Ferkin yanks

    Bring on shit for brains,and its not sheep we shag up here its all those gumless ferkpig yankee turist who think its "so cute " in the north

    Ps i see by your personal info that your not even a real septic,
  5. Re: Ferkin yanks

  6. Re: Ferkin yanks

    Better known as the missing link :wave:
  7. Re: Ferkin yanks

    Gives inbreeding a new name
  8. Re: Ferkin yanks

    cornishgolfer person

    I am in a good mood tonight so i will be gentle with you,look again at the very first post that i made,it says something like this " Look what ive found on arrse,its quite funny," i did not insult the septics even though deep down i really want to,i decided not to open my mouth and spill the beans on my experiances with the septic twats cos there might be some guys/gels on RR who have septic partners,so then you come along and warn me an ex Po of her majestys RN that insults go both ways,?? now ferk orf back to them ther mountains of Verginia and do some inbreeding of your own,expat playing at being a septic,

    yowl hav a nice day now ya hear
  9. Re: Ferkin yanks

    Its good to see restraint in action, but on one small point would it not have been more hygenic to stick with the sheep? :roll: 8O
  10. :tongue1: Baaaa!...Baaaa!
  11. I thought Norway was renowed for Elk shagging.

  12. No no no we just shoot the ferkers,skin em,cut em up and stick em in the deep freezer,nothing taste better than "tyve kjøtt" :D (illegal meat)
  13. Its a bit like adultry then :oops: :wink: :D
  14. never thought of it like that but i can see where your coming from :D
  15. My kids never forgave me for giving them 'Rudolf' to eat on Boxing Day when we lived in Norwary circa 94-97.

  16. Did you all ever try "Hval kjøtt" (Whale meat) its yummy
  17. No neither will I now I know its your fault I don't get any Crimbo pressies.

    How could you, you're nothing but a murdering thug, I bet you would throw Bambi out into the cold and snow.
    Deeply Outraged,
    North Pole. :evil: :evil: :D

    Whale Meat? Thought that was at No1 just now, Vera Lynn :roll: :wink:

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