Pompey the new Malta

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by trelawney126, Feb 5, 2013.

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  1. The only thing that Pompey has got that Malta also has is the streets are full of dog sh!t:eh:
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  2. Pompy just like Malta. .......,,.

    Uhmmmmmm St Julians versus walkabout bar :coffee2: and that shit bar on the corner that used to be a library or bank with those skanking slags in there just waiting for flares to open..,,,,,,, _

    What time does flares open :salut:t
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  3. The only similarity between Malta and Pompey is.................they've both got empty habours.
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  4. So where would Strait Street be? Most Pompey females have the Gut already and have teeth that look like they've been using Marsovin as mouthwash.

    Still, I quite fancy volunteering for a Pompey dog shoot :)

    Boris Johnson's description seems quite accurate as well.
  5. It's got the bars, the slappers and the beer, but it will never be the Gut!
  6. If you fall into Portsmouth harbour do you need a jab for every ailment known to man?, if not its nowt like Malta
  7. I can see it now, staggering back to the Hard, buying an egg banjo from the nearest bar. Getting into a Dghajsa to cross the water to Gosport and then into a karozzin for the trip back to Sultan/Collingrad and then getting ripped off by the driver.

    Or maybe not.
  8. .
    No Wrecker, that's just flogging a dead horse!

  9. That looks a bit like the southsea road just round the corner from Nelson, p'raps they've started already!!
  10. And both well beyond their sell by dates living on their past histories to get them through their todays.
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  11. So a programme on local tv last night about pusser trying to flog some old T22s to be sunk as dive ships around the South West coast. The clip showed Pompey dockyard it was full of fcuking ships - trouble was 75% were waiting to be scrapped!!!
  12. Note to self: try and avoid visiting malta
  13. I completely disagree, it's a rite of passage
  14. You'll be safe, the Gut has shut down now but Marsovin is still available and you're still a poof if you put 7Up in it.
  15. My biggest problem was trying to stop putting 7 upwards of bottles in me.
    I got jigged on it one night and there was too many of us to get in the taxi so they put one stupid twat in the boot.
    The bastard taxi driver let me out of it 4 hours later. I was adrift and no one believed my tale of woe.
    The skipper sighed and said, good god man is that really the best you can come up with?
    He said it was bad enough being an hour adrift but to lie about it was despicable and doubled my punishment.
  16. I lived there for a year ... 'nuff said.
  17. ...and when the Portsmiff City Council get around to issuing each of us overburdened rate-paying residents with our obligatory half-starved mangey :grommit:I shall kick mine with heartless regularly (after first naming it "Forkov", of course).

    Whyfor? Old tradition, innit Manwell?
  18. wal

    wal Badgeman

    Rummers, you should have told him that you couldn't get by because the road was full of dead Gharry Horses.

    That what I told the old man when I was adrift..............

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