pompey run ashore????

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by brazenhussy, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. hi -
    for all the pompey and near to - anyone fancy a runashore one afternoon?
    just thought it was an idea for something in feb 2 look forward to??
  2. I'd need a place to lay my head if we were to continue to into the night.

    But I would come along
  3. good effort!! sure that could b arranged.
  4. Ditto me too (a hairy submariner would do) but not anytime between 10-18 Feb please...

  5. Would you consider taking my boy Scott out. He is up at H.M.S. Sultan having just completed basic at Raleigh??? :twisted:
  6. how old mate - dont want to scare the poor lad?!!!
    My hubby is an ex stoker, and my brother in law is currently a sultan on his em(me) cse...
    but yeah no worries
  7. Seventeen point seven..........be gentle with im!! :twisted:
  8. Not old enough to drink alcohol then Tas?!?! :) ;-)
  9. poor love!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Legally, I am afraid so, which could, and has opened up several cans of worms on other sections of this rather splendid site. Let's put it this way, it never stopped me, bollox to their stupid laws. :twisted:
  11. Well said.... if we all learnt what and how much we can drink we'd have lots more fun and less hangovers.......... :twisted: :twisted:
  12. Actually, if memory serves me correct, the last run-ashore we had, I had to retire early (pissed), and he carried on with his Mum!!...Wee shite that he is. :oops:
  13. lol!! never stopped me either! in fact my dad (ex submariner) took me to my local at 17.5 and said " she's old enough to go to sea, carry a weapon etc- she can have a beer!!" the landlord, Artie (ex submariner) said- fair do's- its on the house!!!
    xxxxxxxxxx bless him

  14. Exactly what I was on about, in fact the landlady who sposored him during the application process knows full well that he is underage, however, in the same vein as your Dad, ie, old enough to carry a weapon and etc, that beer was also on the house. Personally I think she fancies him :shock:
  15. fair enough!!! so what did he train in at sultan??
  16. Chopper technician AEM ???? Still under traing but I belive he is off to Yeovilton in the summer.
  17. good choice, unlike me he will have a trade when he leaves
  18. My mum first took me to a nightclub aged 14 because she didn't have a babysitter!!! I wouldn't say it made me a drunk. Infact growing up in pubs gave me a healthy respect for alchol. It was never a forbidden fruit so to speak so I never felt the need to go out buy dimond white and sit on a park bench because it was always available at home.
  19. What was that Womps, the park bench or the diamond white? :smile: :smile:
  20. both, I was homeless once we left the pubs we used to all sleep in the park

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