Pompey nightlife???

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by cracker89, Feb 18, 2010.

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  1. Were off to pompey the last weekend in march (friday-sunday).
    My friends relative lives quite close to pompey so, after weve dropped off the birthday cards/pressies/said happy birthday/had some cake, we intending on having a weekend in pompey.

    Where abouts is the best places to goooo??
    Someone said harbour side???

    Cheersssssss :)
  2. Go to the Isle of White instead.

    Pompey is a shit hole.

    The locals on the island are much friendlier anyway. Most of the girls seem fairly keen to increase the gene pool which makes pulling relatively easy. You can impress them with your tales of 'the big place across the water.'
    They think dragons live here and everything.
  3. Gunwharf is pretty good with plenty of bars and eating houses. I would stay clear of Guildhall Square area, unless you want to take up some fisticuffs with the chav twats who predominately hang around nearthe taxi ranks.

    Albert Road in Southsea can be quite lively and fun as well.
  4. Gunwharf has got a cool Jongleurs comedy club.
  5. Don't forget to wipe the dogshit off your shoes when you leave to go back home.

  6. Ssssshhhhh! Don't make any sudden movements. There is a female in here.
  7. It shut in the New Year.
  8. Like already said stay clear of Guildhall's Route Alpha (Walkabout etc...) I'd personally stick to Albert Road in Southsea for a top night.
  9. Right so next question...... haha.... we need somewhere to sleep!!!!!
    Does this Gunwharf place have b+b's as such???
  10. Gunwharf has a Holiday Inn but its abit pricey, however in Old Portsmouth there are quite a few little b+b's. Failing that theres always the Home Club on Queen Street!!!
  11. Now renamed the Royal Maritime Club and it's no longer the doss house it once was.
  12. Do you know the names of any?! of where i could find out....
    cos knowing my luck ill book into a b+b in the middle of nowhere :D
  13. There are a few in Southsea and Old Portsmouth. The Tourist website has a list and you can search their database:

    Tourist Link

    Holiday Inn Express is £125 per night. Yes, per night!

    How are you getting down? If you're coming by car, parking is tricky unless you can find a place that has its own car park.
  14. £125 per night!!!! pfffttttt ill sleep in the car!!!
    :( im being made to drive too! theres about 6-7 hours yay
  15. For places to eat and drink:

    Old Portsmouth has Old Worlde atmosphere - The Still & West, The Dolphin, The Spice Island Inn and they all do good food.

    Old Portsmouth

    Gunwharf Quays is very trendy and expensive but lots of places to eat and shop. It's also near to the Historic Dockyard, HMS Victory etc.


    Avoid Guildhall Walk - full of chavs and students.
  16. Try the Portsmouth Ibis here.
  17. My post wasn't meant to imply it was a 'Doss-House'. I have recently stayed there and it has been done up inside and is now quite respectable!!!
  18. No argument. :thumbup: I couldn't agree with you more but I can still remember when it was a dismal bottomless pit absorbing vast sums of money from the welfare funds of Pompey-based ships and grants from other sources. An ex-Pusser called (Wally?) Brock, now sadly passed on, turned it round and transformed it into the success it is today.

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