Pompey News: "Weary Portsmouth Sailors Found Peace And Tombola In China Fleet Club"

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, Apr 20, 2014.

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    "During respites in the bitterly fought wars of the last century many Royal Navy personnel made the most of whatever down time they had and in the seas around China they could do so in style.

    Here is a photograph of one of the most iconic buildings ever to be visited by members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.

    It is the China Fleet Club in Hong Kong.

    Is there any long-serving ex-matelot in the city who didn’t visit the club at least once and play the forever popular tombola?"

    Weary Portsmouth sailors found peace and tombola in China Fleet Club - Portsmouth News
  2. The China Fleet Club was owned by the RN Ratings. Officers had no say in the running of the club.
    So why when it was sold did it re-open in the West Country as an ALL ranks club?
    Why is it open to civillians?
    It should have been sold and the money raised divided equally between ALL serving ratings.
    Wonder just what the percentage of RN Ratings to others is these days?
  3. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    A few years ago I tried to find the Constitution of the China Fleet Club when it was moved from Hong Kong. I didn't succeed. It would make interesting reading how the decisions were made, and by whom, to build over in Saltash where it is not so easy for 'Jack' to just roll up for an evenings entertainment. A good nosh, a few beers, a few games of Tombola and a bed for the night...within striking distance of the dockyard.
  4. I never bothered going for membership when I went outside as it seemed o be over run with civvies.

    I used to go all the time when it first opened as it was a good crack, even had my youngest son's christening party there. It seems to me to be a civvy club now with jack as a sideline but that's just my opinion.

    Having said that, in their defence, it has to be run as a business these days with the numbers in the fleet rapidly declining.
  5. I feel the same pricking behind my eyeballs that makes my eyes to water as I get when I hear The Sunset Hymn. All this nostalgia just ain't wot it used to be.
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  6. 8 years in the RN and the only time I have ever been to the China Fleet was when I was a sprog in Raleigh. Seems like too much effort to get across the bridge (especially as I can't drive) when I can use the facilities of my camp / Drake / town and to be honest I thought it was a civvy club, just with membership for matelots and a navy sounding name.
  7. I was serving in HK on Hms Swallow when the announcement was made and the suggestion was a club in the Lake district. But the admiral in charge wanted a golf club in the west country.
  8. Same as WreckerL I used to use when first opened, but became more and more civy
    It was also a 25 mile round trip so a bit far when I am passing gyms with similar prices as I am not interested in the Golf side of membership.

    I recently checked and ex or serving singles do not get much discount, best discount is for a couple?
    Ex-Serving Non Commission RN/RM & Serving Commissioned RN/RM
    Annual Monthly
    Single £555.50 £50.50
    Single off peak £363.00 £33.00
    Couple £797.50 £72.50
    Couple off peak £522.50 £47.50
    Pay as you Go
    Single £220.00 £20.00
    Single off peak £170.50 £15.50
    Couple £231.00 £21.00
    Couple off peak £192.50 £17.00

    Country Club Civy price
    Full Leisure
    Annual Monthly
    Single £594.00 £54.00
    Single off peak £429.00 £39.00
    Couple £957.00 £87.00
    Couple off peak £594.00 £54.00
    Pay as you Play
    Single £374.00 £34.00
    Single off peak £236.50 £21.50
    Couple £440.00 £40.00
    Couple off peak £275.00 £25.00
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  9. I went in the CFC many many times (not to play tombola )but to eat and drink thats what it was for
  10. It was my first port of call for a bit of cheap pre-loading before heading off down Lockhart Road to sample the delights on offer.

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