Pompey News: "Weapons On Hand At Navy’s New Simulator In Fareham"

SAILORS can now fire machine guns, canons and ship-mounted weapons at a new simulator in Fareham?

This does not give the trainees the feel for the real thing, for most of the youngsters it will just be anther expensive video game.
No GI screaming at you to hold the rifle in hard to protect your shoulder, or keep out of the way of a 4.5 barrel on re-coil, does this simulate the noise and the smell of cordite?
All this simulation to save money on the real thing is nuts, IMO.
Just the Mk 8 now

Gun captain and controller are in the Ops room - obviously the gun bay is manned, but not the turret.
So the horror of a MK 5 gone, bullet and cordite shell up hoist from mag to mag room, taken of
hoist and passed through hole in mag room bulkhead, catchers, Me, pinky? Would
carry bullet or cordite shell to gunners, they would load and fire. Recoil would
eject cordite casing into catcher net behind gun, then drop to deck, after a
few shots, I had to dodge shell casings as they rolled around deck when
carrying to and fro gun, happy days, had to be fit, strong as an ox and agile
as a cat, I think I was stitched as I had just finished Brickwoods field gun
heavy end before joining ship
On OEM's course had to play in the gun turrets of the Diamond when she was harbour Training Ship but with dummy ammo obviously. Scared the shit out of me, glad I never had to do it for real. Hats off to those during the Falklands who had to do it for NGS.