Pompey News: "Tell Us Why You Love Portsmouth And Be Entered Into A Prize Draw"

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, Apr 4, 2011.

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  1. Because when I am having a crap day I just look at the state of Pompey and instantly I feel good about myself.
  2. Because that is where they have dumped all of the dogshit and it is nice to leave it all behind when you leave.
  3. Because it's 200 miles away.
  4. Because it gets more beautiful, the further away you get from it.


  5. Easy to get home from , on long weekend leaves
  6. Because of it's golden sand beaches, clean pavements, nice restaurants........ or am I getting muddled with Portsmouth, Virginia!!!!
  7. Best thing about Pompey?

    M27 northbound or Gosport ferry southbound.

    Ish, if you want to be pedantic!
  8. JagerGirl

    JagerGirl Book Reviewer

    Because one of my best friends lives there, the men are better looking than most up here and one of the best full english breakfast's I've ever had was in a cafe in Portsmouth.
  9. Where do you live ffs, in a freak show??!!!
  10. I only have good memories of Pompey/Southsea, this was mainly 60s/70s, and on recent visits I have seen nothing to change that view.
  11. JagerGirl

    JagerGirl Book Reviewer

    No, but I think most of the males are either extras from a freak show or, failing that, there's a lot of villages missing their idiots.
  12. M275 Shirley sorry surely

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