Pompey News: "Royal Navy Shadows Russian Warship Off Scottish Coast"


War Hero
Now I'm only a poor old sundodger, but isn't that a Type 42*? And the RN don't have 42s any more?

So what's going on? Oh I know, lazy journalism - library photo!

* York as it happens!


Lantern Swinger
If you look at the article it does say its a file picture from 2011. They probably don't have a picture of the current situation to put in the article.

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War Hero

I had a similar occurrence on Lusty - we were heading into Barcelona for our Chrimbo stand-off, families flying out etc. Then peace broke out in Bosnia, so we sailed on Christmas day. Lots of unhappy bunnies, even a huddle of rather self-indulgent hysteria in the canteen flat, FFS.

Definitely a bummer, but not the end of the world. Christmas is over-rated and just think of the money saved by buying presents in the January sales.:thumbright: