Pompey News: "Royal Navy Shadows Russian Warship Off Scottish Coast"

Now I'm only a poor old sundodger, but isn't that a Type 42*? And the RN don't have 42s any more?

So what's going on? Oh I know, lazy journalism - library photo!

* York as it happens!


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If you look at the article it does say its a file picture from 2011. They probably don't have a picture of the current situation to put in the article.

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I had a similar occurrence on Lusty - we were heading into Barcelona for our Chrimbo stand-off, families flying out etc. Then peace broke out in Bosnia, so we sailed on Christmas day. Lots of unhappy bunnies, even a huddle of rather self-indulgent hysteria in the canteen flat, FFS.

Definitely a bummer, but not the end of the world. Christmas is over-rated and just think of the money saved by buying presents in the January sales.:thumbright:


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Poor bastards!

It's a shitter, Fleet Ready Escorts always seem to get activated over Christmas. Maybe the Russians hate Santa?

Getting that dreaded recall text, especially all the lads that went on leave up the line.

They were running an 'essential crew only' recall system before, so not all the crew had to return.

Still, tis arse



Yes the ship's company got recalled 24 hours in their xmas leave.
Haha! Unlucky! I bet there was some massive Pompey skank wife and girlfriend sense of humour failures.

Still, that's one up on a T42. It left the wall first time.


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Ah well, at least the weather will be nice. Sort of. OK, not.

With any luck, there'll be a flight deck five-a-side shin-kicking contest with the 'enemy' like what they did in the trenches.
If they're really unlucky, they'll get a smarmy Christmas BZ from the PM.


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They are only going to 'shadow' it, and the spanking new shiny T45s are nice to show off to Ivan.... who has more than one functioning aircraft carrier.

Oh dear!


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The russians have Admiral Kuznetzov and err, Admiral Kuznetzov. How does one aircraft carrier which has never taken a full airgroup to sea and which is old, unreliable and in desperate need of a midlife refit equal more than one functioning carrier?

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