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Pompey News: "Royal Marines Museum To Be Moved To New Home In Dockyard"


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Be good to have perhaps a permanent exhibition in one of the Boathouses perhaps, but to have the museum in its entirety move seems a shame. People barely have time to explore the dockyard as it is and it will be a loss to its current location. Makes sense in another way i suppose; most visitors for obvious reasons head to the dockyard which in turn should increase visitor numbers.

Only reason is that from my experience working there people on the whole come to see the ships, even though the RN museum and the Trafalgar Sail exhibition etc are really good, people don't seem to be as drawn to them when other things deemed by many as more exciting are so close by. If it moves more people may have a quick gander, but whether people will spend as much time enjoying it and exploring everything is debatable. Entry to the dockyard is also expensive...even when the run the half price entry with a library card, free entry to certain attractions for serving members of the armed forces and their families, for most its pricey. You can use the ticket over the year but especially if travelling that is not a great pull.

I only added that second bit as i realised my comment could be seen as though i thought the RM museum wasn't worth moving and being included in the dockyard, but thats not the case at all :p
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Fekin 'bean counters', so that will be the end of the remembrance service that is held in front of the museum every year?

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Update on @soleil OP of Oct 2013

Although the move to the Naval Base has been on the cards for a long time, I guess the shock is the rather short notice of the RM Museum* Closure.

<< Bosses at the Eastney attraction confirmed the site* was to shut on April 1, reopening in its new home at Portmouth’s Historic Dockyard in 2020, after a multi-million pound makeover>>

<<Originally, a 2019 date had been set on the museum move, although dockyard officials said this was just a draft.>>
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