Pompey News: "Prince William To Visit Gosport’s Newly-restored HMS Alliance"


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"Submarine HMS Alliance looks a little different today to how she was when the Duke of Cambridge last saw her.

Prince William came to Gosport in 2008 to open a memorial to thousands of lost submariners at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Haslar.

Now he’s coming back to see the fruits of a multi-million pound conservation project which has restored the ship to the way she was.

Fresh from a hectic 19-day tour of Australia, William will come to Gosport on May 12, without wife Kate and son George."

Prince William to visit Gosport?s newly-restored HMS Alliance - Portsmouth News


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Want me to give him a wave for you? Unless you're going to be there, in which case I'm booking a day's leave.

I think you'll find that's a quote from the article, not a statement by Sol.

Of course, being plod, you'll have checked the facts and known that!

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