Pompey News: "One-in-five Of Navy Sailors Are Not Fit Enough For Service"

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by soleil, Feb 7, 2011.

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  1. Newspapers at it again.

    1 in 5 is not in-date RNFT - that does not mean that they are not fit for service. Sloppy, lazy, sensationalist journalism.
  2. Come on doc, you've seen some as well as the rest of us, there are those that fit the bill to a T. I always took advantage of the facilities available knowing I would never find anything like this outside especially for free, and having fun doing it as well.
    I was always crap at football but would join in if the needed another man.
    There are a lot who would rather be in the bar after hours and in their rack between watches.

    The paper may have sensationalised it, maybe because it had nothing else to headline, but they are there and there is no excuse except for the medical ones and that shouldn't be a permanent reason.
  3. What makes you say that? I suggest you find out a bit more about the man before revealing such ignorance.
  4. I'm not excusing the fact that some people are out of date RNFT - it's just the way the journalists have turned this around to state something which it isn't.

    As an aside, I wonder how many people are in date RNFT but JPA does not reflect this? It reflects leave very poorly - could this also be the case with the RNFT?
  5. Dpoc does have a good point. Not having passed an annual fitness test doesnt mean the same as having failed a fitness test. Could be many reasons why one hasnt been taken yet. Also doesnt mean that those individuals aren't fit enough to pass one (admittedly it also doesn't mean that they are of course).
  6. Why not just say 1 in 5 of the general public are not fit, hence the stupid fitness questions on this forum.
  7. Of course not. He's only the Phys big cheese and chairman of RN Rugby league.
  8. Was only meant as a joke lol, hence the reason I removed it :happy11:
  9. 'mon Monty. Wafooooo rules allow suckbacks.
  10. If there's any sucking to be done it will be done by you clamping your sweet cherry lips around my dungbutton and hoovering out the turtle's schwad.
  11. You're talking about the Portsmouth Evening News, you're being tautological.....
  12. "If they fail the medical, they can be kicked out of the navy – which is understood to be a rare occurrence. "

    It is usually more down to the individuals attitude to fitness. I'm sure we all know members of various ship/establishment sports teams who cannot pass the RNFT.

    It is becoming more common to hear of people who, despite remedial fitness training and 3 or 4 retests, continue to fail and are being kicked out of the Service.
  13. I'm not sure what you actually mean there. I know people who are fit, but not good at either running or the bleep test (which is, lets face it, running.) As I see it, the RNFT is supposed to measure the level of fitness. For your standard Matelot, on board a ship or submarine, when are they ever going to run?

    I would far rather be pulled out of a smoke-filled machinery compartment by a certain ET I know who has struggled with his RNFT than by the majority of people on-board, as he could probably pick me up with one hand, and carry me for several miles.

    So, why are we doing something which actually does not serve the purpose for which it was intended?

    Why do we not have a test which can be done on the Concept2?

    Why do we not have a test which can be done on an exercise bike?

    Why do we not have a test which actually measures VO2MAX, rather than approximate it using mainly leg-power?

    We are not the Army, we do not (as a general rule) deploy on land, and we have no need ever to run, so why do we do this?
  14. Because the 2.4km or MSFT are easy to conduct, have a verifiable relationship to VO2Max, require little to no equipment, can be conducted en masse and technique plays a relatively small part in your ability.

    It's not perfect, but it was supposed to be a start. The Army/RM have Advanced Fitness tests that reflect fitness in role, however, for some reason, the Clubswingers have not got round to it yet.......

  15. Thank heavens they carnt read. DONT give them ideas
  16. They're far to busy.

    Those clipboards can't carry themselves you know?
  17. Not to say they're defending Pompey's last remaining stocks of mirrors and hairgel from those nasty divers at DDS.....
  18. You've missed the Rockport Walk. This is no easier to conduct than a test using a rowing machine or exercise bike would be, and as many people could be done at once in either of these ways as they could on the RW.
  19. I'm not old enough to care about the RW!

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