Pompey News: "Old Warships To Leave Portsmouth For Scrapyard In Coming Days"


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Nice pics KGV. Always sad to see an 'old ship' leaving for the breakers. Even more so to see pics of one's old "home" being expended as a target, as happened with one of mine.


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So you did Levers_Aligned. She was a good ship for her final 2 years of VELA, APT(S) and UK running in 2008, but she always kept us on our toes! I shall be bidding her a last fond farewell from Round Tower tomorrow morning.

Worst 42 I had the mispleasure of serving on, KGV, to be honest. The end was pure farce, the ships complany too hung up on a previous nondescript APT(S) and the machinery and plant fucked beyond belief thanks to shite management and poor 'ownership'.

I won't mourn it as much as I will Manch, Exeter or Newcastle to be honest.