Pompey News: "New Man Takes Over As Top Warrant Officer"

Yep, that's why they need a long stick with a knobbly bit on the end.
Late seventies early eighties there was a guy I knew.He had alopecia or something, most of his hair had fallen out.Being a vain sort he got two wigs. one a longish haired walking out wig and the other he gave a woeful military hair cut and attached it to his hat, so he could put the whole thing on in one movement.Anyway, on parade for something or other, he gets a poke in the back with above mentioned stick, and the one word. 'Haircut'. To which he takes of hat and attached rug and says. 'This short enough for you'
I was just re-reading the Pompey News article and this bit caught my eye:

"There was an official ceremony on board HMS Victory, attended by the Second Sea Lord Vice-Admiral, Sir David Steel."

2SL was awarded the CBE, but I don't think that the KBE has come his way .... yet.


War Hero
Maybe he won a race at the Olympics, it's pretty much instantaneous nowadays. I note there are howls about Beckham & Murray not being knighted immediately, ignoring the fact that they've not long had OBE' s.
Casey to Cass not many letter changes, are we trying to save money here?

I was a plane (I say plane it was a seaking) captain with Steve back in the 80's (820). Congrats shippers.

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