Pompey News: "New Boss For The Royal Navy"

New boss for the Royal Navy - Defence - Portsmouth News

Whoopsie - They've corrected it now, Soliel, but the comments at that Portsmouth News article indicates that initially the wrong person's photo headed their story!

More about the new 1SL and the other appointees announced today:


Admiral Sir George Zambellas appointed new First Sea Lord | Royal Navy

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With all this "purple" and "lovey huggy inclusiveness" that now seeps through the military like a curse what will happen first... A Bootneck or a spli..... oops..... Female sailor becoming the First sea Lord?

I'll give it 25/30 years before it happens.


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I clicked "Like" on the initial post because I want a pay rise & have no doubt the Admiral will read this thread.

- Just in case anyone thinks I'm a sycophant for no good reason.

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