Pompey News: "Navy To Buy New Aircraft"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Feb 22, 2011.

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  1. Well, if it goes ahead then at least the Maritime Patrol asset will for once be under full Navy control. However......I'm sure some politico will find a way to limit or hamstring this in a way that down the line will cost us dearly.
  2. 'The navy, which was furious that RAF bosses had agreed to get rid of Nimrod at a time of increased submarine activity, has already set up a team to buy a replacement and ensure that it is flown by the Fleet Air Arm. The programme is being run by Commodore Simon Kings with a team made up of naval officers.'

    Will these aircraft will be stationed in Coldrose or another FAA base?
    That will secure jobs for pilots, crew and maintenance personnel.
    Anyone know what type of aircraft and how many are ordered?
  3. Maintenance personnel? They will probably be fixed by civvies if we ever buy them, just like the hawks & jetstreams.
  4. No-one knows but the Rivet-Joint aircraft has been on its way to the RAF apparently for the Nimrod role. And the new P8 as suggested in the article is due to enter service with the Yanks and indians in 2013 and is a purpose made Maritime patrol aircraft. It beat of BAe with a nimrod proposal for the Yank contract.

    Magic_Mushroom......WHERE ARE YOU BOFFIN!!?? :p
  5. good news for the FAA me thinks!
  6. P8 - great if you want a Nimrodalike.

    What about 15-20 frames of S3? carrier capable, overland ISAR-capable, tanker enabled and maybe with the Merlin CSP package (from Lockheed -Martin) able to do some wider area ASW again. Can already do surface search all day long.

    Plus aircrew requirement "containable". At least 20yrs fatigue life available on the frame, 60-odd sitting in the desert.

    Won't do everything, but will do a lot.

    But - not without considerable expense....although nowhere near a new-build.

    However, show me the money!
  7. RJ is SIGINT so not relevant to this debate.

    Loss of MPA was by far the most serious loss in SDSR and, contrary to urban myth, strongly resisted by the RAF. Politics killed the MRA4.

    The P-8 (which ironically has virtually the same mission system as the MRA4) is about the only credible option with the ATR-72ASW a distant second. An ASuW only option would solve little and second hand S-3s would I suspect run into Haddon Cave issues.

    Sadly, I suspect it is complete financial pie in the sky to suggest this capability can be reintroduced in the near future. Finally, anyone who knows what job the good cdre is filling will appreciate that this is not an indication of who will fly the things even were we to get them!

    Personally, I don't care. There's a wealth of ASW knowledge in both services. However, that knowledge is arguably amongst the most perishable within defence.

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  8. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Well done the News - 'twas in the Sunday Times.
  9. Nail on the head

    Experience is dearly bought and takes time

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