Pompey News: "More Than 1,500 Military Jobs To Be Lost"


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Hopefully that will be the end of the uncertanty for those in the armed forces. With ten going from the RN and Im asuming those are medical staff , they have realised the RN is living on the edge .


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Daily Telegraph:

Sketch: Ready... Aim... You're fired!

"Philip Hammond, the Defence Secretary, is what as known as “a safe pair of hands”. In other words, he’s intensely boring. At the dispatch box, anyway. For all I know, in private he may be the liveliest company you could wish for, his conversation as light and heady as the first flute of champagne.

But when delivering a statement to the Commons, as he did today… goodness, he’s dull. Crushingly dull. If the Army really needs to make cuts, they should try using recordings of his speeches as a cheap alternative to tear gas."

Sketch: Ready... Aim... You're fired! - Telegraph



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I've met him a few times and he's really sharp but Sol you're not wrong, very very dull. He's almost a real life version of John Majors spitting image dummy.