Pompey News: "Minister Wants End To Review Over Royal Navy Jets"


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Stand by for the least cost least useful short-term solution. By 2035 the unwisdom of choosing -B will have become hideously apparent.
Perhaps you guys can shed some light on this for me...With all this discussion and debate over which version of the F-35 that the RN intends to operate off the carriers, I find myself wondering what other types of airplanes are going to be in her air group? I have heard nothing about any AEW capability (E-2Ds??), COD(C-2??), ASW aircraft? (assuming that the Merlin will be carried) and SAR? And, what is the latest on the UK purchasing the P-8? Or have the RAF decided to completely give up on operating any long-range patrol aircraft?
You mean that other types of aircraft would be needed to make up a viable force ? Now thats another can of worms lol!!!

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