Pompey News: "Jobs At Risk At Portsmouth Shipyard"

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, Nov 5, 2013.

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  2. According to the Today programme, the announcement on the shipbuilding closures is very likely to be brought forward to this morning. It is being said that shipbuilding at Portsmouth will cease, leading to a considerable number of redundancies.
  3. They have a choice between Pompey or the 2 yards in Scotland, with the referendum coming up I can't see the Government not getting involved in the decision. The choice is, as I see it, alienate Scotland and feed the Wee Eck PR machine or lose the capability in Pompey and just keep it as a Naval Base thus maintaining a presence and placating some of the outrage bus occupants.
  4. Stupid , what with Scotish independance coming up to close ship building in Portsmouth is just stupid .

    Smells of politics to me. What we should have done is keep Portsmouth open. Should have said "If Scotland vote for independance all ship building will be done in England"
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  6. Arguably, apart from Vosper's Airfix works up the creek (not actually Portsmouth), shipbuilding in Portsmouth ended in '64 when ANDROMEDA was completed. Upkeep and repairs kept the skills base alive but once a bloke's moved on to working at B&Q, is he likely to pack it in to re don the green oveys when Portsmouth is needed again?

    Still, at least the chaps in S Korea have their jobs assured. That should keep them in dog butties for a while.
  7. Having worked as a cuntractor at both Rosyth and Portsmouth dockyards it can only be politics keeping Rosyth open.
    Portsmouth must have rectified more defects on ships suffering Rosyth refits than any other yard.:frown:
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  8. Why hey the hell should the government or MoD bare the cost of restructuring??
    BAE made the decision on commercial, money saving, grounds. Let them pay for it!!
    Typical of BAE to force the tax payer to pay. Bin them from tendering for all public contracts and let's go elsewhere FFS!!
  9. Ill be honest i dont know enough about the politics of it all to comment on that, but a sad day for those losing their jobs and a loss to the city.
  10. On the other hand Faslavatory has rectified more defects on boats suffering Guzz refits/DEDs than the other way round.
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  11. Neighbor(60) works there and is high enough up the food chain to to have predicted it last year, is hoping his payoff,if he gets it, will be enough to maintain his life style until his pensh kicks in.
  12. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Guys, not sure where you're getting these arguments from, but, in my extensive experience of this field, the best yards are Guzz, Rosyth and then Pompey for refitting. Pompey's incompetence of late has pretty much ensured they will never get another 23 to refit and have been asking Babcock engineers to go from Guzz to Pompey to help set to work as they are so helpless. That's fact, not hearsay or supposition.
    Obviously, I don't know as much about shipbuilding, but I imagine that anything built on the Clyde would be superior to anything Pompey knocked up.
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  13. I think the other argument for the Clyde over Pompey is that the Clyde already has all the facilities to build and launch relatively large platforms (FF/DD and bigger) where all Pompey has done recently has been OPVs and sections of bigger ships.

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  14. Pompey has built four ships since 1960 - Rhyl, Sirius, Andromeda and ironically Clyde. Andromeda was launched in 1967, Clyde in 2006 and barely counts as a warship anyway. So in the 70s, 80s and 90s there will no warships built in Pompey. Hardly a centre of expertise then, is it?
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  15. Sad news all round, as no right thinking person likes to see anyone loose their jobs through no fault of their own.
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  16. Could all be good news for Barrow if Scotland goes independent. Surely would be cheaper to have one yard than two in Barrow/Portsmouth. Plus much closer for all the immigrant jocks who would be needed to come and build anything.
  17. Sorry to disagree there Finx, but here's one I was very pleased to see lose his job.....trouble is, he won't go away.

    BBC News - Gordon Brown: I'm an ex-politician#
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  18. I've just been watching the local (Meridian) news and then ITN - what a load of bollix they are talking - the end of 800 years of ship building in Portsmouth. If the researchers researched then they'd see that ship building and NOT ship module construction ended in Pompey 40 odd years ago if not more. All the bits that are being built in Pompey are then barged to (for the 45s Scotstoun and Govan) Rosyth for final assembly.

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