Pompey News: "Jeremy Clarkson Filming Arctic Convoys Documentary"


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I agree he is a scruffy bastard but I have enjoyed his previous military documentaries.
I am sure he will do a good job on this one. I'm looking forwards to it.
He also married a woman who's dad was awarded a VC. Reason enough to marry a woman in my eyes.


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I'd lost track of where the campaign for an additional campaign medal had got to.

I'm not convinced of the requirement for an Arctic specific campaign medal. The Arctic Convoy veterans qualify for the Atlantic Star, it isn't as if they have been ignored.

Every war has a spectrum of risk and discomfort and those in theatre but enjoying relative safety get the same campaign gongs as those taking the heat, the cold, the casualties and every level in between. GSM for Northern ireland is an example. Perhaps the Civil Service advice to ministers was along those lines.
‘Jeremy was very impressed with the ship and her crew.’ He really looks it. I like the way he's taken the time and effort not to pick up some clothes from a charity shop to wear for the occasion. He looks like a ruddy hobo.

"Eighty-five Merchant vessels and 16 Royal Navy warships (two cruisers, six destroyers, eight other escort ships) were lost." According to Wikipedia, which from me own knowledge is about right.

Have a look at this The Merchant Navy Association
"Prior to their success at the recent general election both the Conservative and the Liberal Democratic shadow representatives agreed to award the Arctic Medal but have now refused to accept the worth of such a significant role on the advice of the Civil Service".

If somebody can find me a civil servant who has had to go out on deck once, just once, to chip ice off railings then I might, provided I'd had more than four hours sleep previously, give them five minutes to justify their decision.
That would be me.

I'm a civil servant, (Lowly), but;

I served.

I chipped ice off during the cod war, ice is ice.:silent:

I did not nor would I make any decision like not awarding Arctic medals. I believe they bloody well deserved them.

Shouldn't tar main stream civil servants with the Senior Civil Service.
Mentioning the CSM for NI is a bone of contention to me.
When I was in NI there were those who were ensconced in safe billets and would not have recognised a terrorist had one awoken them with a cup of tea.
Meanwhile thousands of service personnel were exposed to the same threats in mainland UK as well as Germany, and many paid dearly for it with their lives and horrific injuries. None received any recognition by way of medals.
I recall vividly the 1st June 1990, the shooting to death of Pte Davies aged 19 at Lichfield railway station, twelve weeks into his career and off on his first ever leave. Poor little bugger.


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Without those early convoys perhaps the war on the Eastern Front would have swung in Fritz's favour, we'll never know of course.
You say that like it would have been a bad thing. Of course, we'll never know but I'd prefer Nazi Jackboots to Soviet wellies. Far more stylish.

I agree that ice is ice, especially when what you are chipping off is what are slipping and sliding on!
And roughers is roughers, smoke is smoke and hot is as unpleasant as cold?

Some refer to 'the medal' as if it already exists. Perhaps (just suggesting like) there is more to instituting a real medal (as opposed to The Cold War Cross with Nut Cluster for £40 from Bling Bros ) than saying 'make it so'.

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