Pompey News: "HMS Victory Ready For Restoration"

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, Jul 5, 2011.

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  1. Victory has been undergoing a rolling programme of restoration since 1926. Big And Expensive obviously see a profit in the work, but lets hope they don't see the akers until the end of the contract.
  2. It would pay them to keep it sea worthy, the way the defence cuts are going, we'll have it out shooting at Mr Gaddafi.
    Captain Crow on the poop.
    At least there wouldn't be any friggin stokers.:laughing2:
  3. They might even find your old ditty box. :tongue3:
  4. Shame, I was actually ships company on Victory ship as opposed to Victory Barracks.
    Was you born under a cannon?:-D
  5. No, a wandering star, they even made a song about it and started a religion.
  6. :
    Oh yeah I remember now Janner put some picks up of you last year.
    I often thought about becoming a Buddhist.:laughing2:
  7. Rummers, when were you onboard? I did four months as a guide September '64 to January '65.
  8. It's an extremely competitive event, the Peregrine Trophy; I think that some 400 photographs were submitted this year and they were all very, very good. The exhibition at Trinity House had all the winners in one large room, but other entries were in an adjacent room and you could see that even the ones which weren't selected for a prize were really remarkably good.

    I really like the one you have used for this article actually. The way it is lit appeals to me.

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