Pompey News: HMS Liverpool enjoys a fresh water washdown

Not a good start to life onboard!

getting the ships company to do the freshwater wash down and clean the upperdeck that SFM do for you anyway after a maintenance period.

Been there and had an XO do exactkly the same to us, the SFM staff loved their job being done for them and made it so much easier when they came along after us to do the same job.

But it does make good news!!!!!
I know the guy holding the spanner in the picture,

He was a SES on board the Anglesey is a Killick Jack Dusty now.

As for traditional washdown? I don't recall having to do a traditional washdown after a refit lol
How convenient that this "tradition"(which is a new on to me) also allows the command to get a clear lower deck for some free ship's husbandry at the same time.
I've never heard of it either, but as a Sick Bay Tiff I would have just mooched around ready to provide my medical services if required. I hope Liverpool's present Doc would have done the same. It's a tough job but we are trained in cat-like vigilance and masterly inactivity. :D


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If you get as far as Panama these days, you can do the same with less effort in the Gatun Lake - anchor, CASASD, switch on the prewetting. Saves having a row with Chief about fresh water, too, if you are not alongside in Pompey.

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