Pompey News: "HMS Illustrious On Her Way Home To Portsmouth After Crash"


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I do wonder what role it was performing within the exercise with no aircraft onboard?
She's an LPH like the Ocean. Plenty of RW flying on an off her during it.

The holes were nothing major. She jut needed to be repaired in time for next exercise

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She had helimachoppers onboard Finks, in her new helicopter carrier role plus she was the C&C ship.
Do you mean Command and Control? In which no she wasn't she is just an LPH. The LPD is the C2 ship and much better equipped for the role.


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Like when she visited the Pool!!!! Was told she can be in Commando role. Or she can be in Strike roll. Or she can be in ASW role , at different times!!!! I'm thinking of the days when a carrier had the capability to do the lot!! Lol:D:D

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