Pompey News: "HMS Ark Royal To Leave Portsmouth For Scrapyard"


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I am well aware of where the scrapyards are, Handler. I just fail to see why you feel the need to refer to them as Shitehawks, implying that what they are doing is dishonest, disrespectful or doing something that was in some way inappropriate. As far as I can see, once the Ensign has been pulled down for the final time, the ship becomes a lump of metal with which the MOD can do whatever it wants. It is the crew and the ship's achivements that made it what it was.
i was on ark royal when she decommissioned 1978.we knew she was being scrapped but it was kept quiet about details.these ********* dont realise for some that ship is their home.
I find it depressing that we will have spent shed loads of Defence money removing hazardous waste yet nobody UK side finds it worthwhile to recycle the "residual assets". I wonder how long it will take for the steel to find its way to India and China?
Unfortunately labour is much cheaper in other countries and their H&S is considerably more lenient than ours thus making it much cheaper for overseas companies to do the donkey work to make the money.


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When the ships are sent for disposal I'm guessing they are tank-cleaned & certified fully empty. Looking at Handlers phots in post 6, it surprises me that from a conservation aspect there isn't even a floating boom surrounding the ship to contain any inadvertent spills, even if it's only from residue whilst dismantling.
Nipped down for a last look today. Tow already in place, would suspect that she'll be away tomorrow on time. Looks in surprisingly good state considering how much stripping went on post the announcement.

Sad, but there you go. Hope someone is slightly more on the ball wrt a plan for preserving Lusty, otherwise we'll be here again in two years time....

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