Pompey News: "Historic Battery to be used as diving museum"

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by sgtpepperband, Jun 16, 2010.

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  2. Last chance to visit Diving Museum before next Spring


    The Historical Diving Society's diving museum at Stokes Bay will be open 1100 - 1700 next weekend (12 & 13 Nov) after which it will close to the public for the winter. Dr John Bevan, Chairman of the Society, has promulgated the following information about the museum's first season.

    The HDS diving museum was recently honoured by the arrival of its 5,000th visitor:

    HDS Museum Visitor 5000 Nov 2011 med.jpg
    5,000th visitor to the HDS Diving Museum

    During the museum's 72 days open to the public (weekends, bank holidays and a few specials), the cumulative total of visitors has reached 5,132 averaging 71 visitors per day.

    The museum has received group visits from:

    • Medical Examiners of Divers - 10 May
    • French twinned town Royan delegation - 22 May
    • Special Opening Ceremony - 18 June
    • Bay House School students - 11 July
    • NATO Diving Publications Working Group - 27 September
    • DIVEX - 4 October
    • Mary Rose Patrons - 14 October
    • British Hyperbaric Association - 20 October
    • Gosport Scouts 7th Troop - 4 November
    • Nautical Archaeological Society - 6 November
    Visiting diving clubs have included:

    • Eastney Cruising Association, Sub Aqua Group
    • Guildford BSAC
    • Harlow SAC
    • Harrow SAC
    • Selsey BSAC
    • Southsea BSAC
    Museum volunteers have also participated in:

    • Celebrate Gosport - Big Day Out 12 June
    • Gosport Heritage Open Days - 8 to11 September
    Last week in a blaze of publicity, the museum took delivery of two ex-Royal Naval Physiological Laboratory (RNPL) deck compression chambers (DCCs) as well as a one-man transfer chamber. The two chambers are to be professionally painted as soon as possible. Five diving bells (how appropriate!) are yet to come.

    HDS RNPL Chambers Nov 2011 med.jpg HDS Drager one man DCC med.jpg
    Left: Ex-Royal Naval Physiological Laboratory deck compression chambers
    Right: Dräger portable one-man compression chamber

    The LAST weekend of the year is coming up although there will be a special visit from an ex-Royal Navy group calling themselves the 'Grumpy Old Engineers' next Tuesday. This will be covered by ex-RN volunteer guides able to speak their language.

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