Pompey News: "Government Set For U-Turn On Aircraft Carrier"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. So we now wait for someone in power to throw the dice and it will change once more.

    Just another U-Turn in the U Bend of life!
  2. What size of crew will these things need, are we going to sea(sic) a recruiting drive in a few years, Dear sir, re your redudndancy last year, could you pop back, dont worry if your arse is now the size of Cornwall its a big ship.
  3. U turn, its a bloody merry-go-round - How long until we are back to cats and traps I wonder.

    The cats and traps were originally supposed to be designed to be retro fitted if needed (or so I was informed at a meet your navy evening a few years ago) so why the hell should it cost so much to fit the bloody things during build??????
  4. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Cack, innit. Pompey hasn't the jetty facilities an even when devloped, not the space.

    Marchwood is a marginal option and so it Rosyth.

    Have they thought this fully through?

  5. Have "they" thought ANYTHING fully through?
  6. Yawns and takes another sip of tea.
  7. They will buy back Portland deep water berth from Portland Port and once more the Navy will have a presence on Fraggle!!!!! (Apart from Monkey Island - and if you have to ask you don't need to know ;-))

    Rumours have to start somewhere!!!
  8. All the old carrier berths in Guzz are being refurbished as they'll be based down here, easier for refits and maintenance.................gen dit, and I should know as I just started the buzz.
  9. WL, more mileage in my rumour as MoD flogged off Portland naval base and to buy it back to service the new carrier fleet seems to be way more logical as it will add to the overall costs of the whole project!!!!!
  10. Good point Waspie, not enough money wastage in my buzz. The Wail wouldn't be able to roll out the outrage bus, just a fast black with mine.
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  11. Would it get passed the breakwater, for the old Ark it was a squeeze ?
  12. We could do with a few of these

    Ark Royal last Comission.

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  13. You'll start 'Scouse' off now!!!!!!
  14. It's not a Harrier so it must be rubbish...
  15. It's a Wraith. No, a Ghost. No, a Will o' The Wisp.

    Oh bugger, what is it called?
  16. a toom lol
  17. It was a bit of a squeeze for the old Bulwark as well but if you dredge Mt Edgcombe side of Drakes (or St Nicholas Island to give it it's real name), smooth out Devil's Point and it's more or less a straight run. Probably cost a few billion but who's counting.

    You could probably reach out and grab a pint in the Edgcombe Arms as you go past.
  18. I can vouch for that dit. Was passing the old Arks berthing space on Wednesday and on the jetty there were two deadweights, that they used to test the cats. Which can only mean that the carriers are going to be fitted with cat and traps and that they will be based in Devonport. This must be a gen buzz by Wrecker as they've also redecorated the Avondale and are opening StLevans Gate.

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