Pompey News: "Frigates Could See A New Lease Of Life As Artificial Reefs"

Picked up and expanded by the BBC:

BBC News - Four Royal Navy frigates in Portsmouth Harbour for sale

"Four decommissioned Royal Navy ships have been put up for sale by the Ministry of Defence.

The Type 22 frigates HMS Cumberland, HMS Campbeltown, HMS Chatham and HMS Cornwall are currently moored in Portsmouth Harbour.

The navy is open to offers for the former Devonport-based ships, including being scrapped and recycled, reused or sunk to become artificial reefs."
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Looking on the brightside, you wont have to put up with any of my CAMPBELTOWN dits once they have finally got rid of her.


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That's not news! some of the frigates I served on had all sorts of marine nasties growing in and on them and before anyone sez it I was not one of them.
I only ever spent two weeks on the CHATHAM in 2008 when she was returning from the Gulf. Best ORT I ever had. The crew were fantastic, so welcoming, included us in everything they did. Runs ashore in Limasol and Barcelona.


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