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Pompey News: "Former sailor in charity cut"

"Former sailor in charity cut"

Pompey News said:
His only shave in 50 years was for a royal visit, so a navy old boy is making a sacrifice for a good cause. Gordon Simmons will shave his beard in aid of the forces charity Troop Aid at 10am on Thursday, May 13.

He lives at Greenwich Court in King Street, Southsea, Portsmouth, which is home to many service veterans.

House manager Alison Scarce said: 'Gordon is a typical resident, in that he's ex-navy and has an interest in the welfare of the forces.

'He has had a beard for more than 50 years and he's decided it would be a nice gesture and quite funny to cut it off to help the charity.

'The other residents think it's a good idea, and if it can help Troop Aid then it's got to be positive.'

To donate, visit Troop Aid.

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