Pompey News: First Sea Lord: "We must protect the Fleet"


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"..the Royal Navy came off relatively lightly "

On the face of it, yes. However, as discussed in another thread the RN has been hit in more discrete ways. Harriers are not the sole preserve of the RAF - Naval Strike Wing will lose out in this first round of cuts. Merlin will be expected to pick up the slack when Nimrod is taken out of service when we can barely cope with the commitments we already have. SAR cover will be privatised when Sea King is scrapped in 2016, and the Jungly community have been left wondering whether they will have to move to Culdrose or not when thet take all the Merlin Mk3/3a from the RAF

Retiring Harrier before F-35B is even ready puts the Aircraft Carriers at risk of being scrapped in the future. This is just the beginning - if you want to know if the RN have got off lightly you need to take the long term view rather than this seemingly innocuous "peace-meal" cut.


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All this Sundodger could talk about at the Defence Committe meeting was LIFT :roll: Commander Joint Helicopter Command, Rear Admiral Tony Johnstone-Burt, said:
"The superior lift performance of the Chinook has proved invaluable on operations. This new strategy will dramatically increase our military capability on the battlefield for many years to come."
Pompey News said:
Roebuck, a Plymouth-based river survey ship
Sorry for being thick but what the hell is a “river survey ship� Is it a bit like a Coastal one?

I heard 1SL's words this morning. It had to be said. Unfortunately, it doesn't have to be listened to nor likely to be understood.

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