Pompey News: "Award For Policewoman Who Saved Royal Navy Sailor"

PC Dowler has been awarded a Royal Lifesaving Society certificate of commendation in recognition of her bravery when rescuing a sailor found motionless in No 2 Basin:

Award for policewoman who saved Royal Navy sailor - Portsmouth News
BZ - That brave lass's award must be added to her accolade of earning a mench in despatches here at RR last January:

Seems JD's Brother has had a sex change and is now working in POmpey Dockyard..! :shock: :wink:

Pompey News: "Act of Heroism as Drunk Sailor is Pulled From Water by Military Policewoman"
#492 at http://www.navy-net.co.uk/rr-greatest-threads/55011-bloody-police-50.html

(Begs the question: Did he fall or was he pushed...?)

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