Pompey News: "Ark Royal turns to Twitter to keep in touch"

Re: Pompey News: "Ark Royal turns to Twitter to keep in touc

... and it wasn't so long ago I was giving you a hard time for that link to the BRNC Facebook group. All a question of balance I suppose.
Re: Pompey News: "Ark Royal turns to Twitter to keep in touc

I can see it now, RN has time to tweet while soldiers are getting shot at and blown up in Afghanistan. Does 3 Rifles have a twitter account, do the EOD guys tweet their latest achievements!

Hardly helps counter the image that the Navy sails around on a jolly with too much time on their hands does it, well done RN PR department :roll:


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Not too long ago the only means of communication with home, from a ship at sea, was via a hugely expensive satellite telephone call or, for the vast majority of us, via a sporadic postal system, often with several weeks between drops.

Then came email & mobile telephones. Ships off the UK coast where possible, used to come within mobile phone range each evening - and probably still do. Emails were more problematic - I remember the entire intranet on Illustrious was supposedly frozen during the download of a large file attachment. At the time attached files weren't allowed due to the system capabilities. What was the file? Yep a picture sent by one of the PO's family of their new baby bunny floppit - I kid you not. (Obviously he didn't get any stick).

Nowadays guys in Afghanistan are uploading helmet camera videos onto YouTube within hours of being involved in a contact. Emails are the preferred means of comms - quick, free & easy to use. Units have online Blogs, can access forums such as this, & have weekly free phonecalls when deployed & it's hardly a huge leap of technology to 'Twitter' also.

How things have changed in the last couple of decades - to my mind largely for the better.

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