Pompey News: "After 10-Year Wait, Navy Finally Gets Its Hands On New Planes"

The FAA has little choice really, either Culdrose or Yeovilton, if that choice ever becomes available, Yeovil would get the nod.
Still trying to get my head around why the crabs are getting them?

I thought the Typhoon was all sing and dancing?

Give them all to the Navy and prevent the inevitable whinging from the sideways walking freaks!!!
Lossie would certainly be the most appropriate given the connections to both services. I also understand it's the preferred choice too beacsue of the noise impact of the F-35 and access to good airspace for training. Sadly, as ever, it'll probably come down to lobbying from local MPs!

I tend to agree Monty. I suspect that the major factor in Lossie's favour is that with the impending closure of Leuchars, it will become the only RAF base remaining in Scotland.


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