Polygamy in UK tolerated by Government

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Always_a_Civvy, May 30, 2007.

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  1. Today's Times (28 May 2007) reports that the Government have been turning a blind eye to polygamy on grounds of faith. It appears that those who have chosen an alternative religious lifestyle that embraces polygamy (men with multiple wives only) are being allowed to do so, according to the article. Ostensibly we only allow men who already have multiple wives who are tourist, student or diplomats to do so, but it appears around 1000 practicing polygamists are British subjects.

    The full story below:

  2. jesus AAC; I have problems with 1 wife, much less 2 or more!
  3. FAITH, bloody FAITH - they must have a F**K of a lot of faith to put up with more than one missus. I have a hard time coping with just one wife! :money: :money:
  4. i feel your pain brother chun!
  5. You not from Utah, then---JH
  6. This story is in reality almost as old as you AAC, it was many years ago that the then government announced that they would regonise any polygamous marriage which was carried out in a country where such marriages were legal, but not any where the marriages were not in the first instance illegal.
  7. I have no problems with polygamous marriages. However I do have a problem when a government recognises them for the purposes of benefits. I believe that the Koran allows a man more than one wife but he must be able to support that wife, allowing the government of an infidel country to accept the role of provider is taking the p!ss.
  8. ok so why only men alowed to have more than one spouse.... why cant the ladies have lots of men too..........
  9. But think if you had more than one wife you would also have more than one mother in law, which is worse?
  10. Basically because the main religious movements which condoned or encouraged polygamy were male centric
  11. They do it is polyandry and it too is recognised by the HMRC Benefits


    Yet more incomers, have more than one husband and we will re emburse your benefits for them all

    However if you are a UK subject, then err no you will not get any benefit other than the jail. this goes for polygamy too

    email to all staff, you must treat polyandry and polygamy with utmost respect (then an explanation of who and what where and when) If you suspect a UK subject of either then you must report this to compliance

    Another thread hijacked by the green cheese
    But I really do give up when
    If you are British, may have even served your country, paid your way and get nothing, then recieve a paltry pension, you get nowt even less if you have actually saved or earned a pension

    You come here a destitute thief,with three wives and six kids with no birth certs, and you get five times what a pensioner couple of British stock get

    Something has gone wrong somewhere and it needs to be righted

    They are all in the trough Labour scum

    One time you stood for election and you either won or lost your deposit
    up here, they were paid £10k each if they did not stand and let their son or sister stand instead
    Those that took the money got an evening reception at the dearest hotel in Scotland to be presented with their cheques (£250k cost from the council tax)

    Why oh why did I not jump ship in Perth WA All those years ago

    Rant over but I am pig sick of this countrys leaders, everyone in the trough

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