Polo shirts.

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Stirling, Dec 12, 2009.

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  1. First let me say these shirts are unofficial but with permission from Good/Bad CO's'
    the reason they are unofficial is the site has absolutely nothing to do with the sale or dispatch of shirts, once the shirts start going out address any mank's about lost parcels etc to me via PM's........
    BZ to the CO's for allowing us to promote this on thier site.


    They will probably cost about £12 which includes P&P , an amount on top of that for Hols4Heroes has yet to be decided.

    Navy blue or a green to be decided by the booties, you do not have to have the white lettering on the shirt, ( same price) though I am sure most will to stand out at the Twikkers match in May.

    The guy who is doing this for us is the only one in York to offer forces discount, a one man band with part time help from his mum and at the moment is snowed under with crimbo orders.
    New year he can devote time to our order, be patient, you will get your shirt BEFORE the match against the Fijians.

    Your name, size, and quantity only for the mo.

    List closes for first batch on 31/12/09 so I can compile a detailed list for Chris.
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Can the white lettering "Rum Ration" go on the back?
  3. No problem Blobbs, while I am here, would you and other booties want a colour similar to lovat green or lid green.
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I think you'll find its called "bottle" green. I may be wrong though, I was once.

    Personally I'm not to hung up on an exact match, green would be good if it's in stock.
  5. Seconded re the green issue Stirling, not a biggie for me either.
    Once things are sorted you may get an address for mine in the UK, they'll forward it onto me.
  6. Hi
    I'm getting back as my old man[SF1939] is in the cancer hospital but we hope to have him home soon[as he's driving the ward mad saying how, as he once won the Nato rifle shooting competition way back, he would have dispatched those pirates no problem and modern matelots need re-training!
    Time he came home and I promised him if these came up I'd get a couple,one for him[blue] and one for me[green just demobbed after 20]
    Need to know how to pay as we don't use PayPal[got jacked by them last year] let me know.
    If poss not the White lettering but it's not that important.
    So put me down for a couple It will make his day.I'll tell him today on visit and I'm sure he would want to wish all at RR all the best for a Merry Xmas and a rat arsed New Year.
    I look at the site most days and tell him what the craich is so, keep it up.
    All the Best.

    Sean [SF's son or one of 5! and two daughters, dirty old git].
  7. Sorry should have said X-Large for both.Cheers
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    SF pass on my best regards to Dad and wish him a comfortable and good Xmas,
  9. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    If you can do one without the "rum ration" printed letters, I'll take one large.
  10. Ditto

    Edited for a PS:

    Stirls, Do those twinned with 'AN Other' site get theirs with 'ROMFT' printed on the back? :twisted:
  11. Seafarer 1939, we are NOT using paypal as I, like you have been burned by them before, you will pay Chris who is making the shirts, once he has the first batch ready I will inform all who ordered his work address and payment details.

    As stated he is a one man band and he would rather leave all the ordering etc to me so he can crack on with the work, I have been in his place 3 times and it is like a wasp's nest with people popping in and out it being crimbo.

    I think we should go for a standard shirt with embroidered rat logo on the front and the white lettering on the back, those who do not want lettering pay the same price as a standard shirt.

    The sample shirt was exactly that, a sample.

    We have until the 31st to post opinions/orders so early days.


    ONLY £15

    Edit or add using quote button

    W.Blobby.......Standard Shirt X3 XXtra Large but green

    NZB..............Standard Shirt Xtra Large but green

    SF 1939........Standard Shirt X2 but one of is green, Xtra Lge, Negative lettering on back.

    Witsend........Standard Shirt Lge neg lettering

    BOOTWU......Standard Shirt Lge neg lettering

    4to8.............Standard Shirt X Large

    Chicogiz.......Standard Shirt Medium.

    Topstop.......Standard Shirt X2 . X Large

    S_S............Standard Shirt Medium.

    RO77......... Standard Shirt Medium.

    Yicker.........Standard Shirt Medium

    Radio S.......Standard Shirt Small - Negative Lettering
  13. thanks please delete the large lettering from my two,all we want is the polo logo on the front.Thanks again and I'll pay any amount to Help for Heroes you say and add.
  14. Seafarer, have edited original order form.
    When we know the final cost of shirts on Monday or Tuesday ( should not be more than £12 ) we can then conflab with our RR rep from Hols4Heroes as to how much to add for donation to cause.


    Edit or add using quote button

    W.Blobby.......Standard Shirt but green

    NZB..............Standard Shirt but green

    SF 1939........Standard Shirt X2 but one of is green, Xtra Lge

    Witsend........Standard Shirt Lge

    BOOTWU......Standard Shirt Lge

    4to8.............Standard Shirt Xlarge
  16. ditto with that farking paypal from me.Only 2 hours ago i tried to make a donation to Hols and was charged 1 euro and then told that I did not have enough funds to make the transfer.fcuk them,they do this all the time.
    I use 3v Cards on the interweb so i can't get ripped off by wanktards..except when i try to go via paypal.

    Just PM me the bottom line when its all worked out . :wink:
  17. Would it be wrong for me to get one? :?
  18. Yes, because no-one here likes you.
  19. If I order one will you be able to get the O2 thief tag put on?
  20. In that case, could i get a medium with the white writing on the back? A blue one if thats possible? Thanks and ill pay some money to help for heroes.

    P:S Zoidberg ' yawn' :wink:

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