Polling Day, (2 May)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Waspie, May 1, 2013.

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  1. For local candidates they must be quite proud of the non effort they have put in for election/re-election.

    I have had 1 (one) geriatric 80 year old Independent knock on my door. The rest have had there lackeys post leaflets.

    Nice effort. You will excuse me if I show an equal amount of interest in your seat in council!!!

    I'm night shift tonight so I will endeavour to sleep through the nonsense!!!:notworthy::sleepy1:
  2. Likewise! Candidates for the local election happen to be the same bunch that are presently sat polishing seats in the council chamber. In the absence of anyone who actually has the nounce to be worth voting for I will not be exercising my right!
  3. Hate to say it chaps, but there is a difference between exercising your right to vote and having nothing to vote for.

    Go the polling station and spoil your ballot paper. The more people we have doing that, the more they will have to sit up and take notice (although the pessimist in me thinks that will only change the spin and not the message).

    You have the right. Use it!
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  4. I hear what you say ... but will spoiling the paper actually make a difference???? Perhaps if they had a separate box marked "none of the above" it would make it a bit more obvious.

    At the local Parish Council elections 3 people stood down (one after 34 years as a councillor) and 3 were elected unopposed ... funny I dont seem to remember being asked to vote and they have now announced that they (Parish Council) will be co-opting three people ... working on your premise above ... the fact that nobody actually nominated themselves might indicate that the village as a whole thought that they were all a waste of fresh victuals. You can bet your life that those co-opted members will be family friends etc of those duly elected! The message certainly isn't getting through! Mind they wont be asking me as my political views are slightly right wing of Attilla the Hun!
  5. Is it not the case at by-elections that any non-votes automatically go to the cretins in power, as in a General election ?
    16 candidates, no doubt all blowing their own tune in our area but worth a shot.All our votes count. At least it's a way of exercising your democratic rights, as far as they ever change anything.

    Totally understand the inertia but changed my mind the past year or so.Mate of mine helped oversee the first elections in Iraq in 2004 (think that was the year), suicide bombers being wrestled to the ground by police etc...... we have it handed to us on a plate unlike some places. It's only a tick of a box.
  6. Only one prospective councillor out of a possible four has thought it worth while canvassing my vote so it seems apathy has now gone from the electorate to the candidacy.
  7. Same where I live and he's the only local one (Mebyon Kernow party) all the others live outside my town, actually delivered his bumf in a hand written envelope, addressed to me, not the householder as I'd expect, and delivered by himself.

    As he was the only who could be bothered, he got my vote (I postal vote), wifey and son did the same when they got their individually addressed letters.
  8. Not one of our candidates has bothered their arse to even put a leaflet through our door. Mates and family in the area say the same. Not impressed.

  9. You're right Monty..........democracy sucks......stick wiv da happy people.....[​IMG]
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  10. Might be a bit late for this but . . . why not add your own "None of the above" to the paper and then tick it? :thumleft:
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  11. I live in quite a rural area, so never expected the candidates to actually knock on the door. I have had leaflets from all of the candidates put through the door by one of there team though. I will be exercising my right after work, my one vote may be the one that makes a change..............
  12. Same as the rest ... none of the local ward prospective councillors have bothered putting any bumff through the door nor has anyone been door knocking ... Interestingly our MP is Conservative yet the Council is (and has been for years) Lib Dem controlled! Either way ... judging by their lack of transparency over the PFI contract which has come to light on another thread ... "None of the Above" is the way I shall be voting! Good idea Dredd!
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  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    And that is the point that the abstainers fail to grasp. A spoiled vote (i.e. ticking all boxes or adding "None of the above..." at the bottom) has to be counted, but not attending the Polling Station is effectively giving your vote to another party, one which might - in the long-term - have a drastic effect on the local community as a whole. And sadly their most vocal critics will often be the very same people who didn't vote because they "couldn't be bothered..." :roll: :oops:
  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Further to my previous, here's someting I read on a friend's blog this morning (apologies for the lack of re-formatting), which sums up exactly why it is importance to cast your vote (or using it wisely):

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  15. Now that is just superb. Thank you. Would you be able to post a link to the blog?
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Today's date: fleet street fox
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  17. It is about time voting was made compulsory in the UK, our predecessors fought hard to win it.
  18. 88.7% of the world can't vote for fear of bullying etc. What a load of poo. Some fantasy figures being banded around there Joss.
  19. I only got about two paragraphs in before it reminded me of some Facebook hoop so I couldn't put myself through the rest of it.

    Besides, It's a person's right not to vote if they don't want to. It might even be for the best if some of the apathetic chimps don't.
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  20. As it stands at present it is, which is all well and goods as long as the non voting baboons don't whine about the outcome.

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