Poll - Should they have sold their stories?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Shakey, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. There doesn't seem to be a poll running on the whole HMS Cornwall/media/ITV interviews for £****** thing so I thought I'd add one.
  2. I tried to add a 'Don't know' option in the interests of balance but it didn't seem to work.
  3. Of course they should. The two stories that have been published are not exactly hero stories and show the persons concerned in a pretty poor light. However if they got sh!tloads of money for them fine, its them who are going to have to live with it for the rest of their service careers.
  4. I predict their 'careers' are going to be rather shortened now.
  5. Never mind selling their stories. If they were in Iranian waters then the lot of them should be done. If not, then why aren't we nuking the Iranians, or at least telling uncle George so he can take over another country
    geoff(ers) :?
  6. Proof that the journos do take note of what we say on here. Therefore it is obvious that where serious subjects are concerned we should be very considered in what we say. You all know how the media like to misrepresent people and I certainly wouldn't want one of my comments to be taken out of context.
  7. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    You needed proof! As slim's signature says "never let the truth get in the way of a good story" They are after all trying to fill 24 hours of transmission with "news!"
  8. I didn't NEED proof but there it is for all to see.
  9. Had some stories not been sold, the media would have hashed something together through hearsay or presumptions. It was a high profile incident, people wanted to read it. And they'd have read any old gash in any old paper. Better to get some truth from it.

    The MOD, i believe, should have stuck to whatever rules the powers that be decided to enforce, be it to allow or ban the sale of stories. But i don't believe the few that spoke out should be criticised for their decision. One had been offered a large sum but turned it down to take a smaller sum from another paper, apparently. The fact that all we can do is bitch and moan about it shows great weakness to those that we should be showing strength. Right or wrong, it happened, dripping about it will make matters worse in the end.

    I don't believe many, if any, people on here can say with conviction that they 'wouldn't have done' what the 15 did in being captured and the two did with speaking out. We are all on our moral high horse, and not one of us here is perfect. I can't believe that people would turn down, without question or hesitation, the chance to say their piece after being treated like political and media pawns for over two weeks to ensure a decent future for their children (in one case). Yes they came back safe and well, thank God! Yes, people have been killed in action and their families are grieving, if only we could have prevented that! But by speaking out, perhaps, if nothing else, it will show what a shambles our forces are being made of by our government.

    They may not have been through half of what others have- but they have been through more than I and most others have. And for that i can't and won't criticise.
  10. I think there biggest problem will be dealing with the different emotions/feelings from their crewmates when they return onboard especially those who accepted money for their stories...
  11. Good point Snaps. Can't help but agree with you there.
  12. Whether their actions were right or wrong, it's not me who should be criticising. When I have been held hostage, I will use myself as the moral poster child and edit my post! :wink:
  13. Personally I think that the people of both Great Britain and Iran owe the 15 captives a great debt of thanks. If they had reacted as many have demanded then we would probably be at war. By turning the other cheek, at great risk to themselves, they have saved many lives and I thank them. To criticise them for their actions or the resultant publicity is small minded and they deserve whatever awards and rewards come their way.
    I wish that the media would stop stirring things up.

    I wonder if the papers/TV channels that are complaining actually made their own offers? Is it sour grapes? Now that would be a story.

    I am thankful that the Royal Navy has such fine people serving and they are a true credit to this nation.
  14. But should that be their problem or is it a problem with those inflicting bad feeling towards their shipmates? What about being a team?

    Just throwing something in!
  15. fair play to the lady, she'ss now got 10 grand in her back pocket that can be used to put a deposted on a house, pay for a desent education for her child or put in to the little ones Childrens fund and give her a really head start in life.....try them shoes on for size and then tell me you wouldn't have sold you story
  16. I wouldn't have sold my story.
  17. My RN pay (and my wife's) bought my house on a 20 year mortgage. I would not have sold my story. I have a house and my dignity.
  18. Do you think the £10,000 will compensate for the shit that is now travelling in her direction now and in the future....!!

    Lets face it irrespective of wherever she goes this will hang around her neck like the preverbial albatross for a long time yet to come!

    Jade Goody would hand back her BB contestant fee for the chance to have her time in the house again, you bet she would!. In addition her other half is serving as well..thats two careers with a cloud over them and largely not of their making....£10,000 is scant compensation for two careers!!

    The Iranians might be a bunch of shits, but they seem much better at handling the propaganda machine.....if the fuss gets any more intense they'll probably wish they were back in their cells!!

  19. £10,000 what is it now 18 months notice in the navy? Stick it in a high intrest savings account for that period of time, start a new life in spain. She's not stupid and I doubt that she desided to sell her story with out discussing the possable out comes and knew that the most likey would be. Of course most of you are forgetting that the minute ether one of them gets turned down for promotion they can stick in a discrimination claim.

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