POLL Should the RN Wear CS95's (where and when)

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nutty, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. Never

  2. When ever they fancy

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  3. Only when ashore in combat zones

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  4. Combat zones and when on small arms training

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  5. When on security duties

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  6. When on security duties to look hard

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  7. At all times at sea to blend in with Ship and Ocean

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  8. When ashore to look like Pongoes

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  1. Contributor Mode

    Taking out the question of comfort cos No. 4 could be made of heavy duty cotten and designed to be more suitable for work conditions when or where if at all should Members of the Royal Navy, RM's and RN attached to RM Units stand fast, wear CS95's.

    Have your say

    Nutty :toilet: :tp: :toilet: :tp:
  2. Maybe a blue pattern? Always wondered why the QM wears green when the upper deck is grey.
    Have us in green DPM and the that wonderful institute of correct facts, the British media, will be justified in referring to anyone in HM Forces as "soldiers".
    No wonder no one realises we are still a separate fighting force.
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Maybe... who gives a feck? Bigger and better things to drip about with the RN at the moment, other than who wears CS95 (the original drip in RR probably stemming from sour grapes and jealousy, rather than maintaining good naval bearing and standards of dress).

    Providing Jack (and Jenny, and Rupert) are in the right rig of the day at the right place at the right time then I can move on with my life... 8O
  4. why dont we bring back the blue CS95 that we trialled a few years ago. combined with big bovver boots we looked like german stormtroopers
  5. In shoreside Joint postings, CS95 seems fair enough. Funny thing is, I was issued with CS95 OG and DPM and it is fun to have can't see me days alternated with O green days. That said, OG always feels smarter. Never green wooly pullies, though! Shoreside JS or not, blue tiddly rig for ceremonial

    Offered for what it's worth.
  6. When deployed to Helmand Province as part of the Commando Helicopter Force in support of NATO ground operations.
  7. Well nice to see a well balanced and not at all biast post. Parading to be an actual poll of some worth.
    Well what about for RN ranks attached to RM units but ashore in the UK?
    As for the QM standing out. I think thats the point. Looks more professional than standing there in 4s and caps. More intimidating. CS95s polished high legs (not salty bats) and beret looks more imposing.

    95s rock will be gutted if i ever have to go back to wearing 4s
  8. Do they do black ones for trot sentries??? :dwarf:

    Maybe a blue pattern? Always wondered why the QM wears green when the upper deck is grey.
    Have us in green DPM and the that wonderful institute of correct facts, the British media, will be justified in referring to anyone in HM Forces as "soldiers".
  9. Not at all... you cant see anyone in that camoflauge gear... they all look like that feckin cheshire cat from alice in wonderland when they smile !
  10. Danny

    You do not read to well, perhaps your beret is pulled to far down over your eyes or you are such an OD you do not understand the words 'stand fast';

    "RM's and RN attached to RM Units stand fast"

    as in the 2nd line of the first post paricularly as Booties are part of the Royal Navy how ever much they may deny it..

    Also if it was a serious poll why would it be in Diamond Lil's, come on son get up to speed.

  11. Top Stop

    Soon you will be allowed to wear Pirate Rig out of the rag bale on trot sentry and in shore side combat zones. Have direct from the mouth of a 2*.

  12. The results of the poll make the Zimbadwe Elections look legitimate he he
  13. With regard to being mistaken for a pongo in DPM, no problem. This fine chap


    regularly wore his flat hat (hanging in his 8 'o clock position) in OG and DPM without anyone saying a word. Bloody smart it looked too. There aren't any Joint Dress Regulations.
  14. My gawd.... it's Uncle Albert! :)
  15. Does not the white hat and big gold patch over his heart rather negate the purpose of the CS95's in the first place and maybe he should be in 4's and play a Navy. Not Army with a beard, bus conductors hat and some left over bits from the album cover shoot for Sergeant Peppers Band.

  16. I have a slight suspicion that the growing use of th various comflage style unifornms by the RN is in fact an insidious attempt by the pongos to take over the Andrew. There is in reality little reason for any one in the RN to wear anything other than AWD except when actually attached to a Bootie or pongo unit in a combat role where uniformity has merit. AWD is the RN equivalent of the likes of CS95 and thus is the appropriate dress for Jack when the pongos wear CS95.

    Now of course this is just the ramblings of a long retired old fart.
  17. When it's the DWR of the unit one is associated with :)
    That includes when attached to joint or single service attachments such as one of the RAF deployable units or the army. CS95 was much more practical for trotting about in Land Rovers than anything else.
  18. Using that argument any crab, pongo or bootie attached to a RN unit will wear No4's.

    I don't really think that reasoning that holds water.

    Or is only Pusser who has to give way?

  19. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Nutty, I think you and Maxi are missing the point- 4's are for at sea or alongside - they are appropriate for shipboard use.

    CS95 is Naval Issue - we're not being taken over by the Army (someone's been on the vino toooo long) - we use it when its appropriate!

    I've just spent three years wearing it - its practical, easily replaced and does the job.

    The Navy is very different these days, Joint is the keyword, like it or not the RN is just a contributor to a Joint effect, and that is why we often need to wear CS95.

    I'm not sure this thread has any relevance. I'm going back to me painting.
  20. Well normally they wear whatever the equivalent of the DWR might be. If that's black trousers and white shirt then for the crabs the equivalent is their grey trousers and blue shirt, for Pongos its their CS95. Our equivalent of CS95 is CS95.

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