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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Potential_Submariner, Feb 16, 2010.

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  1. People say that these are the two subjects that will kill a conversation so I thought I would make use of my (relative) anonymity and raise a few questions I have about it here.

    1. I realise the Navy has a large Christian heritage along with the rest of Britain. As an atheist what is expected of me? Will I have to attend certain services etc? Do officers ever have to lead prayers etc?

    2. As a member of a political party does this at all effect me? Will I have to leave it? (It is a mainstream party, not the CPGB or the BNP.)

    3. How do you vote if you are on base or on duty?

    None of my beliefs nor the answers you give will deter me from the job not effect my ability to be a good officer, I will do what ever it takes, I am merely asking out of curiosity. I understand that the Navy is an open organisation that respects all religions but it does not explain much how this works out practically, especially those who's faith lies in human ability and not the divine.

    I also realise that I will not discuss or promote my ideas where it is unwise or unacceptable to do so, my job and my beliefs will be separate whilst on duty, naturally.

  2. 1. You will attend services at Raleigh, Dartmouth, god knows. After that it is optional.

    2. I am a member of the Tory party, as long as it is a mainstream party, no issues.

    3. By post.
  3. Monty
    You are now able to join the BNP, don't know if the RN would have issues with this :p
  4. I'm pretty sure the RN would take a dim view, mind you, if they object I can just say they're being bigoted. :lol:
  5. I would just keep quiet about your beliefs.

    As Monty said, you will be expected to go to church in basic training. You can speak out and say you don't want to, but the alternative is to stand out in the rain for an hour or do shitty tasks, while your oppos eat biscuits and catch a few Z's on the pews.

    Once you are finished with part 1 training it is entirely upto you. Just make sure you turn up for Remembrance Day or I will hunt you down and kill you in your sleep. :wink:

    No really.
  6. I did think of one more question to add whilst talking to a friend.

    I am a card carrying Republican. This does not mean that I would be so stupid as to refuse to salute the queen or refuse any other duty linked to royalty I may have to do, it simply means that off duty as a citizen of a democracy I would argue against and vote against the monarchy.

    Will this effect me? Do I just treat it as any other view and keep it to myself or am I required to tear up my card and buy a commemorative tea towel?

  7. I hear the Socialist Workers are looking for an aspiring leader of men... perhaps that would be more appropriate for you than the Royal Navy :roll:
  8. Your views can't be that strong if you plan on joining an organisation who's head is the Queen.

    Your repungentness......er I mean republicanism will be beaten out of you as soon as you join a ship if you ever make it that far.
  9. As I said, I have no qualms with any duty I have to do and I want to serve my country and be in the ROYAL Navy as much as a monarchist. I also do not plan to go in telling everyone I am a republican just in case I get that exact reaction, I tried to make that clear. What I am asking is whether there is any legal requirement for me to leave or whether membership will hinder my career.

    Just to clarify my belief in NO WAY will stop me doing ANYTHING that is required of me in the ROYAL Navy.

    P.S Though I wish to keep my politics to myself there is a branch of republicanism in every political party, I have no intention of joining Socialist Worker.
  10. Keep the republican views to yourself mate what no-one knows wont hurt them. :thumbleft:
  11. If it is just a case of this then thank you and will do.
  12. As a member of the Royal Navy you will be required to salute the Queen and any other members of the Royal Family you encounter.

    To be honest the entire RN is geared up towards defending and serving the Queen.

    If you can stomach being in an organisation that goes completely against your beliefs then go for it.

    Personally I think you're an idiot.

  13. I don't know if I can make it clearer, I am a citizen of a democracy that I wish to offer my life to defend, I respect all your views and the fact that we do have monarchy, that the Navy defends her (as well as her country which is what I wish to protect) so I have no issue with anything I may have to do. I don't plan on complaining, I don't plan to shove my views down your throat nor even mention them. I hope to serve along side all of you, republican or monarchist, labour or tory, it makes no difference to me. All I worried about was whether there was a legal requirement for me to leave the organisation.

  14. Great idea, then if you don't get promoted first time everytime, or your not the first in the queue at scran, sue the bastards, I heard that some dinosaur wren getting £125K recently.. 8O
  15. You have been bold: Two out of three is a fair enough hand.

    When can we expect you to 'come out' and make it three of a kind?
  16. I thought I would wait until I was on my first tour on a submarine for that one. ;)
  17. 8O :wink:
  18. Your favourite book is the Communist Manifesto.

    You list among your favourite 9 quotes a grand total of 4 from Tony Benn and 1 from Karl Marx.

    Your favourite websites include http://www.Socialist.net, http://www.Marxist.com and http://www.l-r-c.org.uk.

    AND you appear to be a card carrying member of Republic: The campaign for an elected head of state.

    How much are our friends in Moscow paying to join then Potential_Submariner...?

    For a commie spy your PERSEC is pretty shoddy!
  19. Which democracy would that be then? Certainly not the one I'm living in! :wink:

    Seriously though, as long as you don't say anything, no one will be any the wiser.

    Although you may have to accept some hypocrisy when singing the national anthem, performing parades in front of royalty, wearing the symbold of the monarchy on your uniform etc. As long as you don't mind that, then don't worry.

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