politics and politicians

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by layaft, May 17, 2009.

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  1. Politics --"Polyticks" n.

    Poly.n. many
    Ticks.n. Blood feeding parasites

    Politicians? Abstract nouns? Collective nouns?

    Scum Bags?

  2. What's the point in just posting that shit, you start the discussion, make the first comments.
  3. Ahem|
  4. psychotherapist.

    a psychotic rapist?
  5. Which of the politicians do you have in mind?
  6. Physiotherapist

    Psyco's brother.
  7. I think we''ll leave it there; A darkened room beckons
  8. A" proliferation of MP's"
    That's a start to group nouns. Now you must come up with an imaginative abstract noun
  9. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Not very imaginative, but how about "Lying, cheating, thieving scumbag c***s who should be made to repay every penny and get fired". There can't be many on here who've served a while who haven't known someone get binned for CTM fraud, often only 2 figures. It doesn't compare to these f*****s "forgetting" that they'd already paid off their mortgage and claiming another £16 grand does it?
  10. One trusts you will not be voting for them
  11. An "Oink" of MPs

    or a "Squeal"???
  12. Quite But don't mince words say what you really think
  13. Anyone remember that slimy scumbag Peter Lilly? I wonder if he's still got his "Little list?"
  14. Where is "Tricky dick" when you need him?
  15. MOD ON
    MOD OFF.
  16. There's perspicacity for you.
    We sailors assumed that our Antipodean friends were a bit "Inbred"
    NZ Bootneck has clearly introduced more intelligent genes.

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