Politics and crime.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by witsend, May 15, 2009.

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  1. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer


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  2. One hope he is sinking into oblivion in a sea of sleaze.

  3. She's got fukking teeth at half arm intervals....but yes...I would stretch her hoop!
  4. The Justice Minister, Shahid Malik has just resigned after spending taxpayers money on buying an expensive surround sound video system. He claims on the video below that he asked what the claim limit was from the Fees Office and claims the official told him there wasn't one, so acted accordingly.

    Thingy: M'Lud, may I plead in mitigation that an junior official who name I cannot remember, told me as an MP he had no power to stop me... so I borrowed the Crown Jewels. As I've given them back and said sorry, and blamed the Fees Office for leading me astray, I demand that in my special case, IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS AN EXCUSE.

    Judge: Feck off Thingy. You wrote the rules. You broke the rules. I'm sending you down!

    Thingy: But I was just obeying orders/the rules/the Fees Office..... o_O I'm being persecuted!
  5. And, interesting to see on the BBC news, an 'advisor' to McBroon states that the the Justice Minister will return to office "......if he is cleared".

    Another Mandy moment perhaps ?

  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Who the fcuk is Shahid Malik, he/she/it obviously is a bit of a political heavyweight then.
  7. Ironically he’s a Justice Minister! I can’t wait to hear his excuse. The two labour excuses for MP’s in my area have said they will publish their claims once they have been sorted out. Censored it think is the word.
  8. His excuse is that the Fees Office didn't say 'Boo!' In the video he blames the Fees Office. I always thought grown-ups were people who took responsibility for their own choices. As children cannot stand for Parliament let alone sit on its leather benches, I look forward with interest to what Westminster Council's Department of Children's Services will do to provide accomodation and help for a large batch of newly homeless youngsters.
  9. ! think by the time comes .We might be voting for a whole new bunch of MPs :)
  10. A point to consider ......

    Don't all these poor pollies making mistakes have Parliamentary assistants to 'assist' them, and aren't these also paid with taxpayers money ?
    I wonder how many of them are complicit in this forgetfulness ??

  11. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Another point to consider....

    Why is it acceptable for MPs to make mistakes and pay back any over-payment without further penalty, yet if a mere mortal makes a similar mistake it could be a career ending moment with loss of rate/position and time inside (jail or DQs). The sheer arrogance of the political elite is breathtaking.
  12. My Barsturd MP has voted to keep the Expenses as they are.
    Theres a list of the fcuk pigs on Google who voted the same way.
    I Emailed mine and asked him for a couple of quid but the cnut ignored me. :cry:
    Basturd I'll get hin come polling day. :evil:
  13. Interesting to watch the Trojan horse at work....first the bankers (certain elements there of), now the Money Pinchers are getting it in the neck, ostensibly from the inside out....just goes to show what bad karma and just having to have that new sofa does for you..... 8O

    What is inspiring to see is how they are all rushing to claim the Morality Mantle when it comes to chastising that FB of a Speaker. :x .....asforementioned, hopefully HM will kick arrse appropriately :lol: ....isn't she renowned for thrift
    (no pun intended)?...can't imagine Her Maj. much being impressed....she really must dispair...from Churchill to this lot ! Bloody Hell...... :roll: :roll:
  14. Hi readers,

    Under ideal conditions, politics should aim at good governance and good governance would essentially imply containment of crime. The best of societies have to contend ...
    But so long as crime is kept under control and within limits, it can be said that society is getting good governance. In India, unfortunately, crime is on a spiral ...
    It should be possible to break the nexus between politics and crime. Governance could definitely improve

  15. Here's mine. She's a fat Marxist cnut and I want to kill her. She has an annoying habit of, rather than actually answering questions directed at her, sending you a photocopy of a newspaper article backing up her opinions and saying "read that". She hasn't got a fcuking clue and needs her face stamped on. The fat, sweaty, rats, lezzer sh1thouse. Cnut, cnut, cnut!

  16. What a Munter!!!!
  17. Heres mine £20 for a fukcing corkscrew, how I pray he will knock on my door.

    Angus Robertson
    Job: SNP Westminster leader

    Total second home claims:

    2004-05 - £17,372

    2005-06 - £21,633

    2006-07 - £21,970

    2007-08 - £23,082

    What they claimed for:

    Stamp duty: £2,275

    Furniture / soft furnishings: £4,304

    Television: £750

    Home cinema system: £400

    Corkscrew: £20

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