Politicians telling Porkies(or deliberately misleading the electorate)


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Old Boris is in a bit of bother apparently for playing fast and loose with a few facts and figures during the run-up to the Brexit referendum. If politicians are going to get hauled up before the Beak for spouting a few untruths I can foresee the courts getting rather busy.
M'Lud, I respectfully suggest on behalf of my client that being a bit loose with facts is accepted as fair play around the halls of power and has gone on since the politician was first invented. Further more how can we hope to attract new people to take up the trade if their probity is going to be called into question after every utterance. Lastly the electorate are well aware that truth may not be at the base of most political statements therefore treat them with all due suspicion.


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If all the "economic with the truth" pollies get done @huwshpis and his colleagues will be on a nice little earner.

I bet they'd claim the legal fees on expenses though.


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Old Boris not after the big job is he? Here we go for the week of the long knifes. I don’t suppose his day in court just happens to clash with voting in a new Conservative party leader? Would the court case be dropped if he drops out of the running for PM?
If lying to the public is a crime how come Tony Blair is still a free man?

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