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Political humour, satire, memes etc. Not serious stuff

Nowt to do with our General Election but ... :D

From the Daily Mash.

THE PRIME minister has announced that the general election on June 8th will be Britain’s last.

Theresa May has told Britain’s citizens they will be allowed to exercise their democratic rights one final time to give her rule the stability it needs.

She said: “Despite my repeated demands for unity, still we are plagued with disagreement and opinions which I will charitably describe as ‘different’.

“This election will establish, once and for all, that I and my policies are right and backed by everyone, forever.

“Following this there will be no further elections because the uncertainty is bad for markets. There will only be certainty, glorious certainty, for us all.”

May also told Britain that the time for childish support of ‘other’ parties has come to an end, and she would like everyone, especially the Scots, to grow up and vote Conservative.

She added: “An all-Tory House of Commons would be a wonderful climax to British democracy.”

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I have not bothered but read if you wish

Dear Sumo,
I've just revealed Labour's manifesto. It's an exciting and responsible programme of hope — and I wanted you to be one of the first to see what we have created together and what we are offering to the country.
I invite you to join me in sharing its message with as many people as possible before Polling day.
Will you be among the first of your friends to read and share Labour's official manifesto?

Explore Labour's manifesto

Our manifesto is for the many not the few.
It's for Martin, who spoke at the launch — a former Tory voter, let down so severely by cuts to the medical care that used to support his children.
It's for Christine, a single mother and carer working night shifts, who struggles to find enough money and just wants a fairer Britain for her daughters.
It's for Mohammad, a bus driver who is worried about his children, burdened with debt after going to University.
Labour's manifesto addresses Martin, Christine, Mohammad and everyone held back by seven years of Tory Government.

Explore Labour's manifesto

For the last seven years, Britain has been run for the rich, but now is the time for us to build a country in which everyone can lead a richer life.
I am confident that once the people of Britain have looked at the issues they will support our promise of a fairer Britain, run for the many not the few.
Jeremy Corbyn,
Leader of the Labour Party

Sumo's copy of the manifesto
We have just 23 days until the election - and we're relying on your support to help beat the Tories. Theresa May has big donations pouring in from a small group of super-rich donors, but we're proud to be building a new style of British election campaign: funded by small donations from tens of thousands of passionate voters like you.
And if you're one of our generous donors in the next four days (until Friday 19 May), you could be the lucky recipient of a signed manifesto from me. It takes just two minutes. Thank you.

Donate today

The draw is open to individuals aged 16 or over who are resident in the UK, and who make any donation to the Labour Party between 16 May and 19 May inclusive. Every donation will count as one entry into the draw.
There are no tickets but each participant will be allocated a unique number that will be entered into the draw. Automated or third party entries will be disqualified. Labour Party employees are not permitted to enter.
The competition will run from 16 May 2017 until 19 May 2017 at 11.59pm with the selected number picked at random on 20 May. If you are selected you will be contacted to provide details for posting your copy of the manifesto. This prize draw is not open to residents outside the UK.
The personal details supplied will not be passed to any third party, in compliance with our privacy policy
The Labour Party reserves the right to withdraw a reward and to modify, suspend, cancel or terminate the draw or extend or resume the entry period or disqualify any participant at any time without giving advance notice and will do so if it cannot be guaranteed that the draw can be carried out fairly or correctly for technical, legal or other reasons or if the Labour Party suspects that any person has been manipulating entries or the results or has acted unethically in any other way.

To manage your email preferences or unsubscribe from Labour Party emails please click here. We won't pass on your email address to anyone else: see our privacy policy. Reproduced from an email sent by the Labour Party, promoted by Iain McNicol on behalf of the Labour Party both at Southside, 105 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6QT.

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