Political correctness, load of [email protected]@cks

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. Non Politically correct.
    Anyone else pissed off by the terms used in this days politic0lly correct society. Here are one or two terms explained in Layman's speak.

    1. Social Housing.
    Estates populated by many hard working people but interspersed with a number of free loading parasitic idle sods and their bastard kids. The reason for this is to give those working the opportunity to see just how much they could gain by giving up work.

    2. Gifted Children
    Smarmy little sods who's parents pay a mint to ballet schools, music teachers and tennis coaches and the like. This enables their kids to reach mediocre levels in the subject. The parents then refer to their gifted child.

    3. Special Needs
    This used to be called educationally sub normal but didn't sound nice. Before that it was Thickos.

    4. Vertically Challenged
    Stumpy [email protected]

    5.Rough Sleeper.
    Homeless Alcoholic or Drug User

    6. Social Misfit
    [email protected] who makes life impossible for those anywhere in his/her vicinity.

    Please add to list.
  2. LOL ! PMSL Slim!

    Well all i can say is that my Nephew has just learnt 'Baa Baa PINK Sheep' at nursery.- WTF is all that about?
  3. Well the Black population have been satisfied, along with the pinks. two in one SORTED :thumright:
  4. Cant call a blackboard a blackboard anymore but ok to call a whiteboard a whiteboard......
  5. Gay pride?
  6. Perhaps the pink sheep are for the Welsh Homosexual sheep shagger.
  7. 1. SCOPE [Spastics Society]
    2. Downs [Mongol]
    3. African Carribean [West Indian]
    4. Human Resources [Manpower]
    5. Mumbai [Bombay]
    6. Less able bodied [Cripple]
  8. ADHD - Kid who's a little sh!t and won't do as they're told

    Spherically Challenged - Boss who has no Balls !

    I couldn't possibly comment - Course I agree with you but I can't say so cos I'll be in the sh!t for telling the truth
  9. Apparently you cant say Black sheep as this may offend some children in the class and this promotes a difference between balck and white....Its a Fcuking sheep!

    Whats next Jack and John went up the hill?
  10. Sweet Feet, Its Adam and Eve in the bible, not Adam and Steve.
    And whats all this Bi-sexual sh*t that I keep seeing. Thats just plain greedy.....
  11. Ha ha very true , but we wouldnt want to offend any1 would we now.....?
    I know, being Bi-sexual is just Lazy....! They should suffer trying to understand the opposite sex like the rest of us! he he !

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