Political Correctness has no place in Remembrance Day

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by dubaipusser, Nov 9, 2006.

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  1. I couldn't believe it when I read this piece on MSN http://news.uk.msn.com/Article.aspx?cp-documentid=1240112

    When is someone going to make a stand against all this political correctness b*ll*cks?

    Everywhere you turn some anally retentive moron is trying to dictate what we can and cannot do or say to avoid upsetting someone who probably never even thought about being upset in the first place until the idea was put into his mind.
  2. I thought that the poppies in Flanders were red? I don't remember any accounts of white poppies growing on the battlefields of Belgium?

    That's the reason we wear red poppies - daft cnuts!

    Anyway, aren't white poppies the opium kind?
  3. To be honest the dear Mr Jonathan Bartley can say what he likes, the reason I am wearing a conventional poppy is to remeber those that died to ensure he could say that. Those we are remebering died to ensure we all retained our freedoms so whilst we may disagree with such people they are entitled to promote their opinions, and I served to ensure that both he and you could express your opinions freely.

  4. They were introduced by the pacifist movement in the 20s in opposition the the red ones to gain funding for their cause. To me their message not the same, mind you as above those who choose to wear then have the right, just don't expect me to agree.

  5. Peter, I am 100% with you on the freedom of speech and freedom of (legal) action argument.

    I am less than happy at the way that certain lobby groups use Political Correctness arguments to restrict freedom of speech and suggest that otherwise normal things seem somehow shameful (off topic a bit but I refer here to incidents such as childrens books being banned from schools because they are 'interpreted as inappropriate')
  6. Let them wear White Poppies, in fact lets produce Pink ones to commemorate the Gay servicemen killed in action, and multi coloured (Rainbow) to remember the ultimate scarifice given by those members of the Commonwealth and many other nations, race and Faith in the name of Freedom.

    Would make the Cenotaph Parade look like a Marching Herbaceous Border.

    But seriously the important thing is all the money collected goes to the Royal British Legion.
  7. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'm with you FF - Maxi makes the point that the fact that they witter on about such things justifies the sacrifice. Smile sweetly and take the cash.
  8. The more I think about, whilst the money for the RBLis important, what is far more important is the symbol, because wearing it is the remberence of all the men and women that died for the concept of freedom, whatever their race colour creed religion or sexual preferences, one covers all. They all made the sacrifice, we must remeber them all.

    Death did not differentiate between them why should we.

  9. I wonder if these PC tarts really use their brains consider that the red poppies are actually made by disabled ex-service veterans and possibly their only source of income and that they are not actually glorifying war ?
    I wonder what their thoughts are on the blue version in France ?
  10. Thought these two links would be of interest:
    The first is a video of the "Poppy Factory"

    The second is "joe publics'" response to the white poppy idiocy.

    As has been stated already the red poppy has NO religious or sexual significance - all it does is commemorate the servicemen and women who gave their lives so that freedom of speech and action (within the law) can still be carried out.

  11. The white poppy has been and always will be a complete flop.

    Not even worth wasting bandwidth on.
  12. Please confirm if this is true ? did the white poppy come about for remembering the axis forces that lost there lives in WW2 ???
  13. Mainly because at the end of the day there are very few pacifists so committed to their cause that they cannot at least appreciate what others have sacrficed for their right to be a pacifist.

  14. Started by pacifists in the 20s

  15. Whilst we differ in our opinions and I believe the turning the other cheek approach to be exceptionally naive, nevertheless Bartley is at least theologically consistent in the assertions he makes. Moreover, whatever you think of either his opinions, the manner of their articulation or the timing of their expression, human rights legislation entitles all religions to say exactly what they like on any subject, whether or not it has a direct (scripture derived) theological basis. He is as entitled to offend service personnel as other religious idealists are entitled to offend other groups. That is the essence of free speech and freedom of conscience.

    More information on the White Poppy idea may be found at
  16. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Unfortunately the money does not go to the legion, it goes to a purely politically motivated organisation who appear to be flouting both VAT and Charity Commission rules. You may wish to read the following thread on ARRSE which I have posted below this debate has been going on a while so it's quite a long thread but you should find the info required to really make your blood boil, I know it has me.


    Edited to add: You may wish to skip straight to page 5 unless you are interested in the Green Poppy?
  17. Excuse me mate, but the Red ones suit us lot fine! :roll: :lol:
  18. Perhaps these people should not wear poppies at all.
    They should get their own symbol to wear, how about a white feather
  19. Sorry Dear, No Offence meant, it was meant as a tongue in cheek remark, (I Said Tongue :oops: )
  20. Totally crazy,we need to stop the PC brigade before you cant fart without being found guilty of Pollution!!!

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