Political Correctness gone mad. Again.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Shakey, Jul 13, 2006.

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  1. A couple's wedding party has been ruined at Alton Towers due to a 'Muslim Funday'. It's been double booked and now all the wedding guests have to cover up and the rides will be single sex.

    What the hell is going on in this country? Why aren't immigrants having to integrate with us?

    Dit from the Daily Torygraph.
  2. I sob with disbelief,all the liberals out there just do not understand the majority, the BNP will be rubbing its hands with delight,have we learned nothing from history,how did the nazis start?
  3. Would it be unnecessarily provocative to suggest that a fundamentalist Christian suicide bomber goes in there and martyrs themselves in the queue for Oblivion or Nemesis during this 'Fun Day' ? :twisted:
  4. This really gives me the shitz, sometimes our country is a damn fool place to be (hence my absence) grrrr
  5. 20,000 in one area!!! Bless em!!!

    Bolton Abbey was the same last Saturday they even had a tent that looked like one of those temple things alongside the river. I felt like I was trespassing in my own country when I was leading a group through..

    Not that I am racist of course but at Liverpool John Lennon airport we had a muslim with his wife in tow and all the gang of kids. She had the full head set eyes only visible.

    What I would ask is what does the passport photo show.

    Are hooded muslims banned from shopping precincts along with hoodies or is that a different ball game
  6. Just a little though perhaps Alton Tours thought there was money in the Muslim pound and organised their Muslim Fun day more aas a money making ploy than trying to be PC in any way. Is this good old capitalism rather than any thing else, just as the Tory graph's way of publishing the story is simply about trying to get more sales from BNP etc supporters.

  7. I went to the single mothers day at Legoland does that make me scum too?
  8. They have just opened the floodgates!There has been the first funeral pyre lit in UK in the last 75 years for a Hindu funeral.This has now set a precedent so they will all jump on the band waggon!How the hell are we going to meet the Tokyo Agreement on Emissions now???????
  9. Having read the article, the last line states that "it was a condition of the Islamic Leisure booking that the wedding and guests would be exempt from the dress code", what's the problem then? If any muslim objects, then he or she can leave. If they insist on living under the conditions of Sharia law, I hear Saudi Arabia is a good place, or indeed Iran!

    Really fcuks me off !!!
  10. Seriously folks; the Hindu bonfire would actually generate less carbon dioxide than a MK1 Corporation crem job with its n CZ of expensive gas.
  11. That's handy then, chuck a few mussies on as well then.... :evil:
  12. my post should have said a little more,

    1) I went to the single mothers day at lego land, no men allowed

    2) unlike the muslim council of britian, my trip was funded by YOU THE TAX PAYER

    so like I said, what's the difference, if I'd been a one legged ex prisoner lesbian muslin do you think they would have let us stay a week?
  13. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    'Immigrants'? So, back in the day, when we sent our gunboats abroad, captured the hearts and minds of the indiginous people (or else they were murdered) and put so much pink on the map (I can hear Land of Hope and Glory playing now...) and these people came under British Laws (well, 'ish' or else they were murdered) we were quite happy to have them a servants of the British Empire?

    Some of your 'immigrants' are in fact fourth generation British nationality.

  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Sorry I'm missing something here WW, are you saying that you are not a Muslim?? :lol:
  15. Never being of the servant owning class, I wouldn't know.
    Tell me Levers, how well do you treat yours?
  16. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Absoluely no idea what the **** you are on about there, Streaky. Is that wit, or are you just spouting bollocks?

  17. Whey hey, there goes Levers straight in with the expletives.......
  18. It made perfect sense to me last night, but maybe not so much this morning. So I'll take the "spouting bollocks" option.

    Levers, you give me the impression that you're going through life permanently angry.
  19. This country of ours is heading south rapidly , :twisted: :evil:
  20. Language guys. You're all grown ups I'd hope there was no need for the stiffing and blinding to make the point you're angry ;)

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