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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by StevenJones, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. I have been reading these boards for a while now and have found all of the information and stories on here extremely useful and interesting and have helped me make up my mind that the RN is for me.

    I am applying to join up and just wanted to know what the RN's policy on political affiliations are. I am an active member of a political organization, which i would prefer not to mention as it is not really relevant who it is and would only turn this thread into a political debate rather than answering my question.

    I have searched around on the RN website ect. but cannot seem to come up with any info. I know we are supposed to be allowed to affiliate with who ever we please but as we all know this is simply no longer the case in todays society and anything that does not support what the politicaly correct elite say is frowned uppon.

    Question is does this attitude extend to the RN yet? Is there any regulations about membership or affiliation with political organisations?

    Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer.

    Steven Jones
  2. I think you'll find who the Political party is does make a difference. BNP won't go down too well, Sein Fein may not win you too many friends....but come to think of it neither would Labour. 8O :D
  3. I dont think being a member of the BNP would stop an application-and so it shouldnt.
  4. Where in my post did I say it would stop an application? I said it wouldn't win you any friends....
  5. I'm sure the people in the know NS and SM will give you the correct advice when they come on.
  6. I am sure someone will give you a 'policy' answer.

    The BNP and such like, were debated on here some months back and I am not prepared to do it again. I suspect most of the crew of RR would rather slit their wrists than sit through that slanging match again. :D
  7. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    From the link provided above and the reply to BNP's request of HQ Land I suspect this is position of the entire MoD:

    “Members of the Regular Army can belong to any political party, including the British National Party, and may attend political meetings so long as uniform is not worn, service duties are not impeded and their actions do not bring the service into disrepute.

    “What service personnel are not permitted to do is take any active part in the affairs of a political organisation, party or movement, or participate in political marches or demonstrations,†Mr Howson said.

    The second paragraph being the important one I would suggest for an "active" member of a "political Organisation"
  8. "In my day" all talk of politics and religion was verboten,taboo and not allowed on board.
  9. QRRN J.6601.General
    "1. Regular personnel are not to take an active part in the affairs of any political organisation. They are not to participate in political marches or demonstrations.
    2. No restriction is to be placed upon attendance at political meetings of such personnel provided unifom is not worn, service duties are not impeded and no action is taken which could bring the service into disrepute."
  10. Your allowed to belong to any political organisation, just not show any public support for it...your supposed to be impartial. At least thats how it is in the police, i assume the forces are the same.
  11. Assume nothing. See my previous post.
  12. Thanks everyone for the replies. Obviously i do not need to say which party i belong to. As you all guessed anyway. It is as i expected, You may belong but not let it affect your judgment, as is the case in any other line of work.

    Again Thank you for the help.

  13. ....I was assuming you were wearing your Jack Sparrow outfit! :oops:
  14. We don't get many of the "Raving Loony Party " round here, nice of you to drop by.

    PS all references to the mental state of RR forum members is off topic.
  15. In this case, this is a correct assumption. However I am also wearing a rather large codpiece and fishnet stockings. :?
  16. Another of your fantasies :p
  17. I think I've just lost the urge. :wink:
  18. What put you off? The codpiece or the stockings, fishnet style?
  19. Tommo...I would do Jack Sparrow, twice! :D

    Polto..you're going to have to lose the fishnets, cod piece I can cope with, especially if its large :wink:

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