Polishing Shoes, any secret formulas?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Vesper, May 15, 2007.

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  1. I realise how sad it must sound to be asking advice regarding how to polish ones shoes. But my work shoes seem to have got a bit scuffed lately & it's rather bad form to go around the west end with unsightly footwear. The old ‘cheating-scuff-removal-sponge-thingy’ won’t seem to do the trick either!

    From my time as a weekend warrior I came across quite a few quaint nutters who swore by their technique- the art of polishing boots… One recommended setting them on fire, another recommended pushing in the polish under hard pressure from the forefingers. Others said to use cotton wool & a few more used household spray & I’ve even heard of some using nail polish & black gloss paint. Naturally the Pussers way of doing it is to use a bit of water & parade gloss, but it’s a little time consuming.

    The objective of this tragically sad thread, chaps & chapesses, is to discover the ultimate method of shoe polishing

    Please state your technique & I shall try it on my very own size 9s:
  2. Im all for a new formula too as ive tried and tested all of the methods Vesper has mentioned above and still to date, none of them have ever worked.

    If i ever needed my shoes or boots shinning id just end up paying someone to do them for me or during basic training the typical one to your oppo......"you shine my shoes/boots and ill iron your shirt or whatever for you".......
  3. I swear by the tights!

    Put polish on with brush, then buff up with an old pair of tights ( my dad ex bootie taught me it, used to nick my mums tights before any incoming about tights and booties )

    Painting cracks them
  4. Hmm,

    It may take a while putting the polish on then buffing it up, I need a shoeshine boy/girl!

    Though it's worth a shot, I may ask around the office if I can borrow some young ladies tights ... :wink:

    Anyone know of any superfast formulas?
  5. The thing to remember is that you need to make the POLISH itself shine, not the leather underneath.
    I do it like this.

    clean cloth tight over fore finger, plenty of polish on it (experience will tell you how much).
    Circular motion on the toe cap nice and slow until polish starts to "drag" and dry. Stop.

    Clean bit of cloth,again, tight around fore finger, dip into clean water to get a ball of water on it, then gentle circular motion again (notice NO polish this time, all you will do otherwise is take the polish back off).

    This way you will build up layers of polish in no time at all, all nice and shiny.

    Oh, finish the last layer with a bit of bulls blood for a deeper shine ;)
  6. hi
    I always use the old spit and polish method, it works for me, but don't use parade gloss, normal polish is best.
  7. SUPERFAST FORMULA: Quickshine!
  8. Find the guy/gal in your entry who always has the best bulled shoes. Take him to the bar and tell him how impressed you are with his work and ask him to demonstrate. Give him your shoes to do while you watch, repeat as needed. Of course by the end of four weeks he may think that you are a slow learner, but what the hell
  9. I used to work with someone who used an iron on his shoes - no, really!

    He reckoned he picked up the idea from someone in the Army, and claimed it was the best way to get a good shine, especially on the old dimpled parade boots.

    Did it work? Did it b*llocks!

    It was excellent to watch though.

    It made the uppers of his parade boots nice and flat, and the bottom of his iron nice and black! :lol:
  10. Someone in the pub asked me if I took a hot spoon to my boots. I assume this would have a similar effect to the iron or I'm I missing somthing?!
  11. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    the final coat with bulls blood or dark tan is a top tip....
  12. The hot spoon (heated by a candle or lighter) method seems to work as it spreads the polish round the dimples and isn't too hot. This twonk's problem was using an electric iron.
  13. If someone asked me that in a pub I'd prolly slap them.
  14. We were taught to iron out the dimples on the toecap of parade boots during the 70's and then spit n polish only. As mentioned above you need a few coats of polish to build up the shine and then a great deal of patience when someone treads on them.
  15. Nothing wrong with using the iron on your boots, just remember to clean it before ironing your white front.
  16. Before you put any polish, with the back of a spoon, bone the toecap. ie press the spoon on the toecap and rub all the dimples flat. Then you can give the caps a good spit and polish :p
  17. In short there is no short cut just elbow grease spit and polish.
  18. Oooo we may have something here! 8)

    BTW thanks for all the replies, anyone know about using a lighter to burn the polish then using cotton wool to buff? I also knew one particular chap who had a very special kind cloth which was apparently super soft & marvellous for buffing.
  19. Is there an equivalent on RR to Arrse wear :?:

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