Polishing Haix combat high liability boots

I'm polishing my combat boots before I go to raleigh. I'm using kiwi mid tan polish then buffering it after. On the rubber areas of the boot, the polish doesn't work great and marks are appearing where the polish doesn't take effect.

Also there are black marks on the leather areas that keep appearing.

At PRNC we were not told much on how to polish them, just to do it twice a weak and wear them in. Am I doing something wrong?


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They are boots for wearing in the field, not the parade ground. Most RM recruits just apply neutral shoe polish to the leather bits, allowing it to soak in overnight, then lightly buff. The idea is to waterproof and make the boot comfortable.

Get used to wearing them, break them in before you join and it will save you a lot of discomfort.


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If you're really concerned abouy it you can buy A LOT of stuff online specifically for treating/caring for/maintaining them.
I just whacked a coat of polish on after I used them. You'll barely ever wear them at Raleigh worry more about bulling shoes and how to get a crease so sharp you could shave with it
Lew - you mean you'll barely ever wear the Haix boots at Raleigh? I thought they were intended as the every day footwear now? If not the Haix boots, then what?
You'll have 5 sets of footwear down at Raleigh:

Indoor PT trainers
Outdoor PT trainers
HLC boots (the Haix ones you already have)
Parade shoes
DMS Boots

The DMS boots are black with steel toecaps, they'll be your day to day footwear.

Even though you won't need to use the HLC boots many times, they'll be needed for the 8k walk at Pier Cellars, and the 20k walk at Dartmoor (still to come for me)...also, they'll be wet through for some of that time.

Any time that you can use to break them in before heading down to Raleigh will be useful.


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Polish on the rubber will hide them. I use an old toothbrush in my boot kit to get in the welts and tread, that hides the scuffs and removes the dirt.

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